All moved in

Pictures are brought to you via Instagram, since that is the camera I have most available while moving. If you are on instagram, let’s be friends, I’m robayre, naturally :)

Here’s Matt and Bishop the night we moved in.

This past weekend was crazy. Thursday and Friday Matt and I were packing fools. Should have just hired packers and movers for this, as you can see I am not good at it. Saturday,  we were moving fools, and all of Sunday we were cleaning fools. When we finally finished wrapping up the duplex last night and I had a moment to sit down my whole body wanted to fall apart. Every inch of me, even my fingernails were in pain. They still are. But we are finally done, and in the new house. None of this would have been possible without the help of family (my sister, my parents and Matt’s parents) as well as friends (Henry, JT, Tom and Charles).

The whole house buying experience has been one thing that worried me, after another. I’m worried something will happen that will keep us from buying the house, I’m worried about the loan, I’m worried about going to the closing, I’m worried about painting, I’m worried about packing, I’m worried about the truck rental, I’m worried about moving, I’m worried about leaving the rental.  BUT, I think I’m finally through it all. Now I am at the stage where I can just settle in, soak it up and be a merry home owner.

We’re far from being unpacked. This is my new studio. There’s a looney tunes wallpaper border that has to go. But as you can see from the picture, that might not be for a while because my studio is currently in boxes filling the room. The space is slightly smaller than my previous studio, but we have a HUGE basement with several rooms for storage so I might spill into them a tiny bit.
I made a light switch time capsule

edited to add this better (unfiltered non-ancient instagram picture)

Lastly, before dropping off the keys to the old place I remembered the time capsule tutorial I found via pinterest. I left the above time capsule in our rental. I have always loved the idea of leaving time capsules and have, at the least, hidden my name and date on the inside of closets before moving. I imagine how much fun it would be to discover this, sadly, since it’s a rental, it will probably just be our old landlord and that’s not so much fun imagining.

Time to go mow… MY VERY OWN LAWN!


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3 thoughts on “All moved in

  1. Glad you are all moved and can focus on your new home :) When we moved 3 years ago I actually got an ulcer. For three months, I couldn’t eat, always had to run to the bathroom, and had no energy. Not a good place to be when trying to pack to move and clean up the old house for sale!

    I love the idea of a time capsule. Too bad we’ll probably stay here until we retire or die. I’ll have to share the idea with other like-minded likely to move friends.

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