My Big News

The other day I mentioned that I’ve been up to something big and would be back to share. In short – We bought a house!

In depth, well, I don’t even know where to begin.

Should I start with how I never even allowed myself to hope that I could be a home owner? Even though owning my own house was a dream I’ve had since I was a child.

I could explain how I shared our house hunting with very few people because I was so afraid to jinx any of it.

And I could easily go on and on about how much I’ve hated renting from someone else, and how I could never fully feel comfortable, especially when I come home to find strangers in my house (like we did earlier this year).

Or how about once we began looking I was shocked to find out that I have great credit, even though for years I had imagined being laughed out the bank doors.

What about the countless houses we previously viewed in the year and half prior, and the 3 other houses we put offers on, got our hearts wrapped up in, only to lose for various reasons.

I think I’ll start with a simple explanation that on Friday, August 5th, 2011, Matt and I closed on our very first home. Driving home with keys in our hands, we were equally shocked that we made it through and that the house is ours (well, the bank’s technically until we pay it off). All the same, I don’t think it will all sink in until after we are fully moved in.

8.5.11 Moving
Okay, I’m off again. We have loads of packing and someone is doing his best to make this chore even more difficult for us.


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9 thoughts on “My Big News

  1. oh no, this is GREAT big news!! yay!! buying a house is a big deal. I hope everything goes really smoothly for you and you love being a homeowner.

  2. Congratulations to you and Matt!! What great news! I hope your new home is big enough for a studio for you!! Love the cat in the box!! ENJOY your new home!

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