Confetti and Fireworks

Gina Osterloh, Untitled (Turqoise Room #5)

When we were kids my brother used to talk about all the awesome rooms he’d have one day in his future mansion. He’d have a laser tag room, ball pit room, and a room with walls covered in velcro (you know, for the days you happen to be sporting your velcro suit). Of course, he was also kind enough to give all of us our own rooms in his mansion as well. When I recently saw the picture above, I was immediately reminded of my brother’s mansion. If I had my own mansion, it would definitely have a confetti room. Please, step into a room where confetti is continually falling and whirling around. Big chunky, brightly colored pieces of paper. Of course there would also be a continual loop of some happy party music.

The image above is part of an online art exhibition, and you can read more about it here.

Edit: I have to add this as a last minute edition to this post.

Mim just posted this music video to her blog and I feel like it just goes so perfectly with my idea of constant confetti falling. This music video is beautiful and I have to admit that this image of fireworks coming out of me will stay with me forever. I know I feel like that sometimes.


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  1. Glad you liked the video too. I thought it was really lovely. I think the idea of a confetti room would be awesome! I think I’d like a trampoline room myself.

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