There are lots of stereotypical dreams that children have. As a child I never wanted a pony or pretended to be a bride, but what I did have was the idea that I could always run away and join the circus. Side note: the life of a hobo was also appealing. Interesting, especially coming from someone who has always lived within 20 minutes of the house she grew up in.

This month, every Wednesday for three weeks, PBS will be airing the documentary miniseries Circus. I have been SO-SO excited to watch this, ever since I caught the preview a month ago. I think you can download that free from itunes.  Tonight the first two episodes premiered and it did not let down. I watched both parts wholly captivated, sometimes with a big dumb grin, other times wiping away tears of fear and sadness.

The documentary focuses in on the cast and crew of Big Apple Circus, as they go from meeting and greeting to performing live shows on tour. From the premiere I was really drawn into two people’s stories Sarah, the tightrope walker and Glen the first season clown.  During this six part series, the cameras follow everyone from the founders to the labor workers and the all the talent in between.

After watching tonight’s episodes I have to ask, if you ran away to the circus what job would you take? Clown? Horse riding acrobat? Ring Leader? After tonight’s episode I think I might like a crack at trapeze. Once again I think it comes back to my childhood, and all the crazy acrobatics my brother and I used to perform on the bar, ring and swings on our swing set. That, and flying through the air just seems like fun, even if you don’t make your connection you get to land on a huge net.

Although the first two episodes premiered tonight, I’m sure that they will be replayed often this week, so please check it out.


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