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This weekend I stayed in, kept cozy and kept busy. I put up insulation plastic on the windows to keep us warm. I also caught up on washing and folding/hanging laundry, which is no small feat when you live with a man who instead of doing the laundry ever, just goes out and buys an entirely new wardrobe. One time I counted the pairs of jeans of his I found that needed laundering and it was over a dozen! Me, well, I’m a girl so I have plenty of clothes (that’s a given) but I only wear my favorite few outfits over and over and over again, so my part of the laundry can usually be done in one big load. At any rate, it feels so nice to have all of our clothes folded or hanging up, instead of grabbing clothes from clean hampers or directly out of the dryer. Now the task is to stay that way, but that’s always the hardest part isn’t it?

Between loads I found time to knit these two hats this weekend. They are based on the Meathead pattern. I say based because if I follow the pattern for large, it still comes out child sized. Maybe it was designed to be a child’s hat? Funny thing is when I decided to knit one last weekend I whipped it up from the pattern in no time, but it was obviously too small. I grabbed the hat I made when I bought the pattern a couple years ago and I had made it completely different from the pattern. Which means that I had probaby made one and it was too small so I adjusted the pattern to re-make it. I love when I do things like that. Some might see it as making the same mistake twice, but I just see it as a sample that I really am who I am. “Look, I did this before, and now I’ll do it again, lol.” I love the shape of the hat, but had to alter the pattern so much that I really only borrowed the same ribbing for the bottom and reduced in the same style at the top to give it the acorn top shape. It’s not a hat for everyone, but it’s quirky and that fits me just fine.

I’m glad that so many people have gotten excited about the fontcapture site. I twittered about it and it got “retweeted” a handful of times. Rosa and Bri have already created their own fonts and Rosa is actually asking others to trade fonts with her. Colliebox on twitter suggested the creative idea that you don’t need to just stick to your handwriting, but you could use pictures like a dingbats/wingdings type font. How fun is that? Or just think of all the creative fonts you could create. I remember back in college my friend Jenny created a “left handed font” for design school and that completely blew my mind. The font I created for $15 through another site years ago and was so disappointed with was made with my block lettering that I use often in my artwork. I think I will redo that font with fontcapture. Please let me know if you’ve created your own font, I’d love to see it in action. I could have used it for my super secret code for my last Artomat series.

I’ve also added another reproduction print to my shop. It’s the Tree Stump piece from my August daily project. I loved this piece so much! After it sat in my shop for a week or two I started growing attached. I figured after the month was over I was going to remove it from the shop and keep it for myself. I don’t often get attached to my own pieces, so when it did eventually sell before the month was over I knew immediately I had to get prints done. What is it with tree stumps anyway? I love them, in a whimsical fairytale sort of way.

Speaking of woodland creatures, I found the awesome-ist creative halloween costume on craftster yesterday. It’s a gnome riding a snail. How cute.


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