Julie and Julia and more on Daily Projects

Today we went to go see Julie and Julia. I was so inspired that I had to keep writing down thoughts and ideas throughout the movie. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

Going into this movie I didn’t know how much I would enjoy it. It’s no secret that I am not a cooker or baker. I think it was probably as a kid watching Julia Child where I first realized I had an aversion to watching cooking shows. When I’m hungry the last thing I want to do is slave away in the kitchen for an hour. BUT, I can safely say that in the last year I’ve improved by leaps and bounds. This might partially be due to the fact that I now live with someone else and cooking for more than oneself seems to be more satisfying. Ocassionally, I find that when I am cooking something I get as excited about it as I do when creating a new piece of artwork. I even own my own apron now, wooo! I don’t think I’ve remembered to use it yet, but I own one, lol.

I think Julie and Julia was the first movie I saw about blogging, so that was fun. I also enjoyed immensely that the Julie character was also self-driven by her own imposed daily project. I loved that, as I am in the midst of a month long art challenge. Still the idea of having to cook a real meal Every.Single.Day. is just exhausting to think about. But, I know that everyone has their own passions and interests, and that is what makes this world a wonderful and exciting place to live in. I just wish Matt had that passion for cooking because I DO share Julia’s passion for eating.

Last week I made my very own fresh salsa, inspired by the delicious homemade salsa I had at Kelly’s the week before. Since I am not a kitchen person I really don’t own lots of kitchen utensils/appliances and culinary neccessities. All the chopping of tomoatoes, onions, cilantro, and peppers was done with, um, I’m embarrassed to admit, a steak knife. Fortunately, my mother gave me a garlic press years ago and that was helpful.

After last week’s adventure in salsa there was a scene in this movie that made me laugh where Julia is perfecting her onion chopping skills. Her first attempt was much like my own way of chopping, meaning, very time consuming. I love vegetables, but I just loathe chopping and preparing them in general. Maybe if I learned how to do it correctly it wouldn’t be such a chore.

Lastly, speaking of daily projects and cooking, I do recall a friend telling me about how she was going to start blogging as she tried to cook more. I’m waiting, eagerly in anticipation. You know who you are.


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3 thoughts on “Julie and Julia and more on Daily Projects

  1. I haven’t seen this movie but I really loved both of the books it was adapted from. I always recommend the Julie and Julia book to everyone, especially people who like to blog and/or cook. The book about Julia Child (i think it’s called My Life in France) is really good too. It makes you realize that you don’t have to make a career out of whatever you were doing in your early twenties. I think Julia Child didn’t really start cooking until she was in her thirties. It’s a reassuring thought!

    Also, I hear you on cutting things with a steak knife. I didn’t own any decent knives until recently and that’s only because I work for a kitchen products company and get a discount. :)

  2. I really liked it too and LOVED Meryl’s portrayal of Julia. I am not a cook, but I did get up this morning and make myself some scrambled eggs wit feta. I enjoyed watching the butter melt in the hot pan :)

    I went with a group of friends who are also parents. They Facebook but none of them blog. They didn’t have that connection. I really enjoyed that part of the movie. When I regularly blogged I felt like there were a few people out there waiting to hear from me. You feel that connection- even if it’s just reading and responding regularly. You do feel like you know these people and have a relationship.

    I am working away at my daily project. It is a day-to-day journal of this month. It’s done in the style of a mini-album/scrapbook. I altered an old children’s book and finished that part of it today. Now I just have to continue taking pictures and collecting daily ephemera.

  3. Saw the movie today and really enjoyed it! Meryl Streep was spot on as Julia Child, and what a love story revealed. I suspect she will be nominated again for this fantastic performance.

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