Don, don na DAAAH!
Welcome to the world Tomato a (small a ’cause he’s so tiny) and Tomato B (below).

I just hobbled out to water my plants and was surprised to see I’ve got two little tomatoes growing. I squealed when I saw “a”, which is probably the diameter of a dime (if even) and then shocked when I saw “B” (probably the size of a half dollar) because ‘How had I not seen this big ol’ tomato yet?!?!’.

For my first container garden I said I’d be pleased if I got one fruit or vegetable off of each variety of plant I grew. As I only had one tomato plant, that seemed reasonable. Then I thought “oh no, do tomatoes self pollinate or will I have a fruitless plant because I only had one?” but it worked. Multiple tomatoes off of one plant (so far).

My mom told me, since I’m enjoying my container garden so much this year, that if I wanted, I could till up a section in their old garden (which has just become one with the rest of their lawn) and have a garden there. I think I might take her up on that. I have dreams of making a little fenced in garden area, like my grandma used to keep, where things are all planned out and have their places. I’m learning a lot about that after seeding and planting so many in just the containers this year.

I’m excited for Tomato a and Tomato B and the rest of the gang to develop and ripen.

I’m sure they will all be delicious. Is that disturbing? Naming and then eating your produce? I promise not to get too attached :D


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5 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. I love your description of “hobbling” out to your garden. No, I don’t think it is disturbing to name your produce, although maybe “Mabel” and “Ernie” would be more personal than “A” and “B”. I love gardening myself. We do so little for such fabulous results.

  2. I saw that you had some little tomatoes, so I went out to my garden and… YES! I swear I had just looked at them and there were only blossoms, now there are teeny-tiny ‘maters!

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