summer means skirt wearing

6.6 theo skirt, originally uploaded by robayre.

Last night I decided I was going to make a skirt. I have the book 49 Sensational Skirts and had some sudden and driven inspiration. I dropped by JoAnn Fabrics, where they were having a 60% sale on linen, went home and got to business. I wore the creation to work today, and although I did not get any “cute skirt” comments, I didn’t get any sideways glares either, so I’ll just take it as a compliment that people assumed it was a store bought skirt. It’s a simple, just below the knee black skirt with detailing on the left lower portion, seen above.

  • I cut circles of yellow, gray and black patterned fabrics, layered 3 of them and tacked them down in random/balanced/assymetical position.

  • I used the sewing machine to sew three stips down each stack of circles.

  • Then I took the scissors and cut between the strips of sewing, dividing each circle stack into three divisions.

  • Next, I trimmed away a little bit of each circle away, making each layer underneath slightly visible.

  • Lastly, I went through each circle layer and fussed with the edging, letting it fray and look messy.

Voila, an adorable skirt.

One more thing, completely unrelated.
Within a week, it has gone from “okay, it’s finally getting to be summery” to “Dear Lord, please bring on a new ice age”. I hate the feeling that I want and need to take a second shower during the day because I’m sweating. yuck. Point being, all week the only thing I’ve craved are the following 3 things: slurpees, thai iced teas, and mcdonalds new sweet tea.

Have a great, cool weekend everyone!


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