Summer time blues

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It always seems to happen this time of year. I mourn for summer break. Maybe it’s because I live in a University town, maybe it’s because the weather and the smell in the air. The kids have all left town and teachers have the summer off, parents are making summer plans for their children and already I see kids out playing and running around while I drive home and back to work on my lunch break. Sometimes I’ll get sad or midly miffed when I see someone walking their dog or just sitting on a blanket in a park during the middle of the day. It’s like their mocking me with their open and free schedule that allows them to allot blocks of time in the middle of the day for “joie de vivre”.
The funny thing about it is that I can’t really remember ever having a summer break, not since I’ve been adult that is. I always held a job or two or three during summer. When I was in college teachers and advisors would say things like “Just you wait till you have to enter the REAL WORLD and work everyday, enjoy this time now” and I always took that with a chuckle because not only was a going to school, but I was also working 2 or 3 jobs. Really, I shouldn’t be missing something that I never had.
I was just surfing around the web and came upon the blog The Glass Doorknob ( In just perusing the first page of her blog, I’ve discovered that Shari and her husband have just transplanted to rural Vermont and a much simpler way of life. This alone has given me pangs of memories of how I imagined my summers to be when I grew up. I had this vision that I would live in a very rural area and walk long gravel overgrown roads to get places. I’d live in a farm house, have a huge garden and a large yard with sunlight and shaded areas to hang by the hammock. I’d raise chickens and have a detached art studio/cabin and of course plenty of leisure time. Ahhh, could someone please pour me a glass of sweet tea?
The good news is that coming up pretty soon this summer we will be taking a mini vacation to Door County. A large group of my friends have booked up all the cabins at a particular campground. I’ve never been before but in my mind I imagine a lot of hiking, exploring, sharing good company, and most importantly slowing down and taking in the scenery. I can’t wait.


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