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Summer 2018 Chalkboard

I have so much catching up to do, here on my blog and even on instagram.

Last week my website was getting attacked so it was put down for a few days until we could deal with it, and now that it is back up I was looking and realized I never shared this calendar.


Whenever people ask “So, what have you been up to lately?” I go completely blank. I’ll say nothing, and then conversation turns awkward. I’d honestly believe nothing happened, if it weren’t for me keeping these boards. I look back and think “Holy cow, I was so busy!” The fall board is already down to the bottom again already.

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Good-bye Summer, Hello Fall

9.6.13 Summer Chalkboard 1
The picture on the left is from when we first moved into our house in August 2011. Picture on the right is from this summer.

Sometimes I really hate the summer. Many people get modified work schedules or take lots of time off during the summer and there are so many plans and activities organized to fill up that empty time. Normally people think of summers as being relaxed, but for a person who continues to work 40 hours a week and then have every weekend and evening stacked and packed, summers can be pretty high stress. On top of it, summers in Northern Illinois can often be horrendous with the heat and humidity. I realize that summer can often be no better than the dead of winter because I don’t want to be outside at all, and find myself rushing from the car to the house. Whether I’m inside to stay out of the heat or the cold, what does it matter, either way I’m house bound.

But, THIS summer? This summer was amazing. If all summers were like this, I could become a summer person. I think the high was mid 90s (and those days in the 90s were probably less than 7 days total), it didn’t even reach 100. Mostly it was nice and cool in the 70s and 80s. And yet, there were almost no mosquitoes. It was almost too good to be true. There were plenty of activities planned too, but I didn’t feel obligated or worn out. We had a few weekends that weren’t spoken for, allowing us to just relax when we needed it. Mostly I was just excited and constantly looking forward to the next thing. My pale skin has not been this tan since middle school when I held a pool pass and spent most of my time in the sun.

At the beginning of summer, anticipating a lot of fun activities ahead, I started using my chalkboard as a list to remember the summer. I originally created this board to be able to chalk out ideas, scribble fun doodles, or let kiddies draw when they visit, but this summer the board has been dedicated to the list. I like it so much I kind of want to keep a list for every season. Perhaps I need to create another board just for that.

9.6.13 Summer Chalkboard

It’s been a very full summer and while I have enjoyed it, now at the end, I am also missing my downtime and have barely peaked my nose into my studio. It is currently a WRECK of EPIC PROPORTIONS after a couple of craft shows and large orders that went out last month. This summer was amazing, but I am looking forward to things calming down a bit, major and deep cleaning of my studio, and working on a lot of projects that have been stuck in my head.

100 Things About Me (Part II)

This is part II of 100 Things About Me. I’m breaking it down into smaller ingestable pieces. Read the complete 100 Things About Me in parts I, II, III, IV, and V

21. I have road tripped around Ireland with my sister, kissed the Blarney stone and climbed to the edge of the Cliffs of Moher to look down and see birds flying below me.

22. I have been on etsy since 2005 and opened up my shop in 2006.

23. I always wanted to open up a wrapped box from under the tree, Christmas morning, to find a little puppy inside.

24. I have set-lists, been backstage in the green room, and have been to after parties with Wilco.

25. I was taken to urgent care after being bitten by a blind and toothless, old dog when I was in middle school.

26. I don’t like bananas, but I don’t mind fake banana flavored candy.

27. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Art, not a Fine Art degree. Before graduating I was an undecided major, then an education major with Art emphasis, then an Art Education Major, then just an Art major.

28. For that I had to take 2 years of Italian language classes.

28. If I had a fine art degree it probably would have been in printmaking, photography, or metalwork/jewelry. I just counted 12 classes I took between those subjects.

29. I have 10,100 songs in my itunes library and if each track played once my library would play continuously for 26.5 days.

30. I would say97% of those songs are from CDs. I don’t believe in buying digital. Why pay almost the same amount of money and not get a hard back up as well as awesome artwork?

31. I’ve had a thing for stripes (particularly black and white stripes) probably since middle school. It makes me kind of sad now how popular B&W stripes are now. It used to be fairly difficult to find b&w striped items and everyone around me knows it was my thing. Now I don’t want people thinking I’m just being obnoxiously trendy.

32. I don’t like pop and rarely drink it. I can’t take the carbonation. It hurts to drink.

33. I have green eyes and I think that makes me special.

34. I have bought my current bicycle 4 times.

35. I collect gnomes.

My boots.
36. Here are my favorite boots. Click the image above to read more about them.

37. I have sent HUNDREDS of pieces of my original artwork though the mail.

38. I used to play the clarinet (for 4 years, from 5th grade through 8th).

39. The first page of all my sketchbooks start out the same way with the time of my birth printed small and central, and nothing else.

40. I’m worried that these lists of 100 Things sound like I’m bragging or a snob.

Future Robyn

Yesterday was a great day! I usually take my birthday off so I don’t have to worry about people making a fuss at work. But this year, with having already taken off plenty days for the move, I decided to go in and use my day off later. I went to work and hoped that it would be a day like any other day in the office. Everything was going great and no one said anything. I’m sitting in my office in the afternoon when I hear “So this is where you work?” I turn around to see who is speaking, and realize it is my best friend Erica and she has this HUGE thing of birthday balloons. Oi. Talk about being embarrassed. Then naturally, the rest of the day everyone is coming in and wishing me happy birthday and asking about the balloons. It’s not that I don’t like my birthday, it’s just that we don’t “do birthdays” at my current employer, which then makes any to do seem kind of awkward. At my previous long term job it was a different story. Birthdays were huge and they went all out and bought cake, ice cream, balloons, a live plant as a gift, and they ALWAYS “tricked” you into coming into a room where everyone would be and they’d sing to you.

It's the anniversary of the crash of oceanic flight 815 AND my birthday! thank you #crabica for the balloons!

Here is a picture I took with all the balloons.

The balloons were wonderful and best friends know just how to make a gal feel loved. After work we had over friends and family. We ordered out pizza and my sister brought pie from Baker’s Square, which I ordered specifically because I haven’t had any in years and have been wanting it for a long time. Afterwards we played the Game of Things which everyone always enjoy and which always ends up being a source of hilarious catch phrases later. After everyone left, Matt and I put on the original Tron movie with Rifftrax. In one scene there was a screen capture that said “sept 22” which was the date we were watching it, AND my birth date.

What are the chances? I made Matt pause it so I could take this picture. And while we are speaking of September 22nd, and if you are a Lost fan, you might remember that it is the anniversary of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

Earlier this week I read about a writing exercise on Elise’s blog The Argyle Wale, where you imagine yourself in your ideal future and list out the circumstances or qualities that you would have. I thought that this practice would be perfect for someone who just turned one year older. So here it goes:

This is how I’d like to envision my future self.

Robyn has a business license, making Robayre super duper official with all green lights set to go.
Robyn has updated her whole website and touches is up quarterly, each year.
Robyn has a schedule and updates her blog regularly.
Robyn’s artwork is licensed, produced and available commercially.
Robyn has no qualms about approaching stores to carry her items.
Robyn’s original pieces are sold in a select group of galleries and gift shops.
Robyn makes what she wants and what she wants to make is in demand.
Robyn’s etsy shop can’t stay stocked and the items that are listed sell out in a short amount of time.
Robyn is approached to sell and feature her artwork on websites, galleries and in stores.
Robyn started a monthly art/craft group with workshops and classes.
Robyn is surrounded by other like minded (art/design/craft) entrepreneurs.
Robyn eats a nutritionally balanced diet and has the energy to get things done.
Robyn is physically fit and carries herself with confidence.
Robyn has a wardrobe she is proud of and reflects her personal style.
Robyn’s home a creative reflection of Matt’s and Robyn styles.
Robyn rearranges and changes out the furniture and artwork in their home quarterly.
Robyn has a smart phone that doesn’t break the bank ;) ha, ha, yeah right
Robyn has time to do all the things she wants to do and doesn’t feel stressed about it.
Robyn goes on fun adventures with her friends and family.
Robyn keeps journals and scrapbooks to remember said adventures.

Okay, I could go on and on forever, but I think I’ll stop now otherwise this post will never be published. Maybe I’ll come back and update it if I think of things that definitely should be added to the list.

Three Awesome Things

1. Maybe you saw this already, maybe not. I love it and I wish for all adults to have the same positivity.

2. This soul version of a Wilco song.

3. I purchased my first glass marble to start off my collection

I bought it from Lithomancy Glassworks on Etsy and it’s absolutely beautiful. Now, I can cross #1 off my yearly list.

2010 Yearly List

It’s the last day of January and I think I’ve finally finished my 2010 to-do list. Of course, as soon as I hit publish I’m sure I’ll remember more things I wanted on the list. Here is last year’s list.

1. Buy a marble and start my glass marble collection  (received May 17, 2010)
2. Make 5 simple animated gifs to post on my blog one two three four Five and an extra
3. Buy a vintage globe and a huge map for the bedroom Globe Matt bought me this map for my birthday in 2011
4. Leave 100% tip at a restaurant
5. Leave change in coin machine 5 times one, two, three, four, five
6. Send a care package to a soldier overseas
7. Build a storytelling shadowbox diorama
8. Upload a youtube video with my face and voice
9. Participate in wardrobe remix photography 4 times
10. Visit a drive in movie theater (completed June 8, 2011)
11. Visit two photobooths one two
12. Old timey picture (kind of did this at MS&I)
13. Document a tree changing colors, start sept. 1st (Completed finally after so many attempts started)
14. Purchase wool and spin yarn and make vest
15. Buy tall boots complete
16. Eat falaful Completed 5.5.12
17. Visit the museum in sycamore went winter of 2018/2019 with Chris and kids
18. Fit into a size __ or reach __ lbs.
19. Create a paper moon photo set up to take portraits in
20. Publish second zine completed November
21. Go to teddywedgers for pasties Completed on March 27th
22. Go to the kane county flea market (completed July 2nd, 2011)
23. Record “storycorp” style interviews with family/friends (interviewed my sister at MS&I)
24. Rearrange furniture twice (1st time in July, second time in Nov)
25. Work in small scrapbook art/journal
26. Go to lothson’s chicken done 8.4.10
27. Pay off debt
28. Have a bonfire at the lagoon
29. Eat at two (new to me) truck stop diners (one completed on trip to KY 2014, where I got coin from gumball machine)
30. Organize a glue book week (revised idea, completed here 2014)
31. Go camping this summer completed in July 2010 (we went camping/floating with tom and nikki)
32. Finish my mom’s challenge book

Leftovers from 2009 list

1. Found Art balloon idea
2. Visit one  more photobooth 9.21.2012
3. Hot air balloon ride (already paid for) completed 10.9.10
4. Release art themed geocache
5. Complete C25K and run 5K
6. Work on and send in sketchbook for group project   Posted to my blog here
7. Go to a Hockey game (11.2.10)
8. redesign website (done February 2013)

See you in 2010!

The end of the year is less than a week away. I still have a few things on my 2009 list that I would like to accomplish, but one that I MUST. That item is to shut off my computer for one week. The timing is perfect as I’m on vacation from work next week and won’t have the temptation while I’m there. I have so many things that I’d like to do while I’m on vacation and although it will be hard to avoid my addiction (email, twitter, flickr, facebook, etc.) it will give me much added time to do these things. At midnight tonight I will shut off my computers (desktop and laptop) and they will remain off for one week.

um, as for the picture above. I got my haircut and when trying to think of how to design my away message, well, let’s just say you never know where inspiration will strike.

Have a wonderful last week of 2009! and I’ll be back soon :D

The Signature Room

This weekend I crossed one more item off my list for the year. Matt and I ate at the Signature Room, on the 95th floor of the Hancock Tower in Chicago.

A lot of people I know have been before and I’ve heard the stories and reviews of what it’s like. I thought it would be a fun experience to add to my list. See, in all honesty, I’m more the type of person who would get excited to gather friends and drive to a small town diner. But, when compiling my list of things to do for the year I wanted to add a few things that would stretch me.

I didn’t bring a camera, not knowing if it would be acceptable. Unfortunately, once there, there were constant flashes going off around us while waiters were snapping guests with the amazing view behind them. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of Matt and I all gussied up to remember the occasion. He did capture the above picture from his camera phone though.

We debated making dinner reservations or just waiting in line for drinks and dessert in the “lounge”. Once we got there we saw the loooooong first-come-first-serve line for the lounge, I immediately doubted myself and we considered just going elsewhere entirely. I’m so glad that we didn’t and I ended up calling and making reservations for dinner. We enjoyed ourselves walking around the magnificent mile, killing time until our reservation.

I’ve been up to the observation deck in the Hancock tower before, but I forgot how fast and high the elevator goes. Your ears pop while you go up. When we exited the elevator I was just thrust into the unexpected, in a very good way. The ceiling is super high, with windows all the way around. It was just beginning to be dark out and you could see the beginnings of clouds in the air right outside the windows. The restaurant is HUGE and completely dark with basically a single tea light on each table for lighting the entire place. Once it was completely dark out the lights from the city just popped and you realize why the restaurant is kept dark. It all adds to the romantic atmosphere.

We had an excellent evening and I highly recommend others to experience it at least once in their lifetime. You can request window seats, but make sure you ask for the city view. A coworker of mine asked for window seats, but were seated near the water and there isn’t much to see there. Oh, and dinner, it was delicious and filling, but the price you pay is really made up in ambiance, rather than what appears on your plate.