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International Zine Month and Grass & Stars III

Zines for #littleartbook
Some of my zine collection
Apparently July is International Zine Month, so I figure no better time than now to announce that (after years’ long hiatus) I have finally created issue 3 of my zine, Grass & Stars.

Grass & Stars my first zineGrass & Stars No. 2

Props to any readers that remember my zine, or have even bought or swapped for one in the past. Here are the first two issues. The first zine I ever made was in a matchbox!

zine swap 2015

The new issue, like my very first one, was made for a swap. I was invited by Lelaina Lloyd late last year to participate in an art zine swap and it was exactly the push I needed to make my next issue. The swap was completed mid June (above) and so I am finally sharing it here. It had a size and page count requirement, and so I’m excited to say this is the largest zine I’ve made so far. At first I had no idea how I was going to fill 20 pages of content, let alone what it was going to be about. When the idea of luck came to me, it made perfect sense and everything else fell into place.

Grass & Stars III zine

I had so much fun working on the zine and it was hard not to spoil it all on instagram. I definitely did share lots of sneak peaks though, so I will share them here too. There are plenty of things that I LOVED SO MUCH that I still want to share pictures but I know it wouldn’t be much fun if someone got the zine and realized they’ve already seen it all on instagram.

A little somethin'-somethin' I've been working on

This is a little thumbnail of a coloring book page. I’ve been kinda obsessed with the idea of a fingers crossed emoji for a while, wishing there was such a thing, making my own fake ones and then this. Just last week I bought an enamel pin that also looks like this.

Here's a little peek of a fun grass brooch I've been working on today.

Yes, a set of felt brooches were made specifically to be featured in the zine.

It's totally a fake, held together with hot glue on the back, but ya know, you gotta make your own #luck sometimes 😉🍀

A four leaf clover of course, only, it’s fake. I hot glued the fourth petal, as I shared on instagram, sometimes you just have to make your own luck!

Forcing myself to sit here and do something. Working on a night version of the quilt field spread I did before. #LittleArtBook

Here’s another work in progress that made it into the zine.

Of course these are just snippets that I hope entice you into wanting to see more. This issue contains original artwork, articles, a comic, coloring book pages, a lucky penny pinback button and more!

Issue no. 3 is now available in my etsy shop, and as usual (and in the spirit of zine making) I’m always open to swaps! Just leave a comment or message me!

Grass & Stars Mini Zine No. 2

I’m so excited to announce that I have finally finished my second issue of Grass & Stars. It’s still a mini zine, but not as small as the first teensie issue.

I’m thrilled with the final outcome. It has articles and artwork, as well as a comic and interview with a stranger. I’ll tell you, those last two parts are what kept me from getting this issue out much sooner. The comic is the third comic I’ve ever done and all of them have been part of a series called “How to…” The “interview a stranger” article is also supposed to be an on going article in Grass & Stars. I had the idea originally when I first wanted to make a zine, way back in high school. It’s something I know would definitely push me past my comfort zone because I’m not the type of person to talk to strangers, let alone ask them if I could interview them, take their picture AND publish it. It scared me so much, that I basically chickened out for the first issue and just interviewed myself, lol. When I finally did the interview for this new issue, the person was so sweet and kind. It was a great first interview and I’m sure they will get easier for me from now on out.

The zine is 16 pages long and has a limited edition run of 26 numbered books. The cover is a hand colored relief print. After 26 the originals are gone, further issues will be open-ended reproductions, so get one while they are available.

Oh, and I can cross this off my 2010 to-do list and this makes me very, very happy :D

The new zine is available in my Etsy shop now, and if you never picked up the first issue, that can be found there as well.

On My Desk

Inspired by Rosa’s most recent post “On My Desk”, I’m posting some recent camera phone pics from my own work table in my studio.

Here’s a little sneak peek at Grass & Stars No. 2


And some paper spiral stratum pendants.

And I’ve been cutting out bajillions of envelopes in the last few days, for my repurposed envelope and stationery sets.

I had an order for one of these button sets earlier this week, so I decided to make a whole bunch more. I got through them a lot because I personally wear them on everything, give them to friends and occasionally give one as an extra here or there in Etsy orders.

Grass & Stars my first zine

I’m so excited. I finished my first zine for the swap I’ve mentioned before. It came out better than I could have ever imagined.

The idea of the title came to and suited me perfectly, I go into a bit in the zine. It’s printed on gloss text, is only 1.875″ x 1.25″, and includes a 5 panel comic, a second in my “how to…” series.

It’s funny that taking on such a small sized zine, I thought it would be very quick and easy. Wrong. I had so many ideas that it was almost impossible to compress it down to a book small enough to fit into a matchbox. Still, it turned out great. I hope that this is just the first issue of many more to come. I am so excited about it, I made a handful more to offer in my shop. Please check out the listing for it here.

Wowzers! My email inbox is about to essplode! The May Giveaway Day post is taking off. I have more than 100 entries to win one of the two Recycled Envelope and Stationery Sets from my etsy shop. I’m so glad so many people are interested, I have to admit I was worried that it was only going to be my friends and family who entered. I’d like to thank everyone stopping by for taking the time to further explore my blog, website, flickr, twiter. As I said yesterday, I like to meet new people and your comments have been so warm. If you are stopping by for the first time, please scroll down to the original May Giveaway Day post and leave a comment there. Entries are open till midnight June 1st (evening of May 31st). Good luck everyone!