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Illustrated Invitation

Woodland Theme Baby Shower Invitation

I’m back with the illustrated invitation I promised to share. The invitation was for the baby shower of my friend Ann (of A Beautiful Party). Ann and her husband are expecting a little girl and her name will be Maybellene, nicknamed Maybe, thus the “Baby Maybe” in the bunting above. The shower had a Magical Woodland theme.

Woodland Theme Baby Shower Invitation

I was given the task to design the invitations, and I think that it was probably thought that I would just whip something up on the computer, but when you’re at a computer doing stuff for other people all day at work, the idea of getting to design something how you want is kind of thrilling. I decided I’d rather illustrate it using watercolors, but then I worried that maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew. Would the idea in my head translate or would I wish that I had just kept it simple and put something together entirely on the computer?

I started out by sketching out a rough design in my sketchbook.

Woodland Theme Baby Shower Invitation

All along the way, from sketchbook to end result, I was sending proofs to my friends that were hosting the party with me, to see what their take on it was and to make sure no mistakes were made. They were the best type of client, and I wish all customers (at my day job) were so easy to please.

Once I had a layout, I scanned my sketch in and printed it out several times. I used Prismacolor markers to create 3 different color schemes. I did a neutral/natural color theme, a purple and mint (the baby’s bedroom colors… only I didn’t really have the right purple and mint in markers, so keep in mind it was just to get a rough idea on the colors), and then a full color theme which was a more robayre.

Woodland Theme Baby Shower Invitation

After we selected a color, I proceeded with the watercolored layout. After that was done I scanned it and added the text on the computer.

Invitation envelope

The invitations were sent out with the envelopes pictured at the top of the post because I was in such a rush to get them out, but ideally I would have had some red or blue envelopes like these. Even though I had my moments of fear that the invitations would end up a flop, I was happy with the end result and proud to send them out.

Gnome Mantel

7.3.13 mantle

Just popping in to share the current mantel. I’ve had it up for month and it’s about time for a change so I wanted to document it here before dis(mantel)-ing it (ha!)


This mantel has a gnome/woodland/terrarium theme. I have a lot of gnomes. A lot. One time when I lived on my own I was getting a mattress delivered and there were two delivery guys. It’s been a while, but the story goes something like this. They were obviously not just coworkers but friends as well. Guy A noticed a gnome statue in my apartment and said “Hey, you like gnomes?” and pointed it out and I said “yep”. He went on to explain to me that Guy B also like gnomes and Guy B agreed. Then Guy A saw my Gnome book and said “Hey, Guy B has that same book!” and at that point Guy B got a bit embarrassed. They kept maneuvering the mattress through the apartment and Guy started noticing more and more gnomes. “Wow, you REALLY like gnomes!” and I said “yep” and at that point I think Guy B got a little weirded out and didn’t want to be associated with this crazy gnome lady, and just wanted to get the heck out of my apartment.

halloween 2009

Yep, I take it to extremes. I’ve even dressed up as a gnome for several years at Halloween.

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Happy New Year

Bring on the #serendipity in 2013.

On New Year’s Eve, technically on New Years Day right after midnight, we went to the park across the street from my brother’s house to light and send off some paper lanterns. Even though we thought it was calm outside, the wind was actually pretty strong and we were having a difficult time lighting them. The person I had arranged to photograph (Matt, haha) along with most of the crowd, bailed and went back went back inside to get warm. It probably was close to zero degrees outside! My sister and I decided to try and move the operation closer to a shelter where we might get some wind block. My brother and another friend (Wes) came along. My brother said we should actually move towards a larger building for greater shelter from the wind. When he pointed to the building we noticed a little light in that direction. He said he thought it was just a piece of glass reflecting. We actually squabbled a bit about it because it didn’t look like reflection to me and my sister. We stayed where we were and started trying to light the lantern again when my sister noticed that the light we saw before changed color from a blue light to a yellow light. I said I thought if it was a window into a furnace that just kicked on. We got our lantern lit and it took everyone there involved to hold the lantern so that the hot air would fill it. I was underneath trying to keep the wick lit when my brother said “look, I think you are right, something else is going on over there.” Then Chris and Wes agreed. Then “I think someone else might be doing the exact same thing we are doing.” But I couldn’t look while trying to hold the lantern and flame. Finally, “Robyn, look! No really, look!” and I look over just in time to see it is true. Someone across the dark park, on new years, was doing the exact same thing we were doing; lighting off a Chinese paper lantern.

I just thought it was a magical and serendipitous thing to happen right at New Years. I hope that it can be a sign and symbol for how 2013 will unfold.

After seeing this post on Design Sponge earlier today, sharing visual images of new year’s resolutions, I was inspired.  I found this piece of wood I’d been saving for something special, painted it with chalkboard paint and drew out my own mantra for the new year.

Happy 2013 friends.

Unieboek Mug

Unieboek Mug, originally uploaded by robayre.

Well, it all started when I accidentally snapped the handle off of my smiley face mug. I had picked up that mug secondhand (probably for mere change) and it reminded me of my Grandpa Surdyk. There wasn’t a chance I’d come across another so easily, so I turned to Ebay. Turns out there were tons of them, but I have a short attention span. Next thing I know I was searching for gnomes, that was when I came across this beauty. It’s a 1979 Unieboek gnome mug and I fell in love. I jumped into the auction in the absolute last minute and snipe attacked, winning the mug for only $1 more than asking price. It arrived today. The gnome is perfect, but I’m equally smitten with the white trunk-like mug body. Now, if I can just keep from snapping off this handle.

So, while I celebrate “winning” this mug, let me share with you a few other celebrations:

Thing-a-Day 2011 is coming up February First. It’s my fourth year participating. It’s always a lot of fun, I get really inspired and I always meet new creative people. Sign ups are open now until the First. Remember, your daily thing can be as big or as little as you want. Bake a new meal, knit a hat, sketch a doodle, or anything in between.

Rosa Murillo was interviewed by Artist and Author Summer Pierre on her series of Artists and Motherhood. Check it out here.

Tiffany Teske was published in one of my favorite magazines, Cloth, Paper and Scissors. I’m so excited for her. This is actually a goal of mine as well – to get printed in that magazine, but first I’d have to contribute ;) Read about Tiffany’s contribution here.