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new blog banner

Inspiration struck last week.

Earlier this year Etsy had a glitch where certain shop’s banner reverted to old ones. My shop was one of those. The problem was fixed but it got me questioning if my latest banner wasn’t enticing or inviting enough. A week or two ago I actually switched my shop banner back to the old one to see if I’d notice any difference in views.

I liked the old one because it was very colorful and the current one was pretty monotone. The old, colorful one felt more cheerful and more “robayre” to me. I was trying to think of a new look that would be colorful, cheerful and robayre when the idea of confetti hit me.

I couldn’t wait until this weekend to actually do it. I cut up all the confetti myself. I like it and I’m going to try and start adding some of the confetti to the background of product pictures as well, for an entirely cohesive look.

Check out the confetti theme on my blog, etsy and twitter.

And then, here are all my old banners in chronological order (completely forgot about the rabbit one, and I had it on my etsy shop for about two years)
v2 etsy banner2

2.26 banner color adjust
new banner
new banner

Day 28 – new banner

One of the projects I wanted to get done earlier in Thing-A-Day was to redesign my banner and blog. It’s come down to the last day and I decided to at least work on putting together a new banner.

This is a very rough version. The colors are all wonky right now, so I’ll take a better picture tomorrow and I’m sure I will be playing around with it plenty in photoshop. I really want the cold press watercolor paper texture to show. I’m thinking of taking it through the sewing machine for a swoop that will tie the two parts together.

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my banner, but here are a couple old versions.
2.26 banner color adjust
new banner
and of course the current one
new banner

Day Ten – Banner Flag Notepad

Once again, I’m really stoked about the project I came up with for today for day 10 of the “create something every day in August” challenge.

I was at work and thinking about how we print notepads for customers occasionally. I immediately decided to create some as a new paper product for my Etsy shop, but it took me a bit more time to come up with a design for them. At first I was just going to look through my old artwork and use a cropped thumbnail as an image on each sheet. Then I got the idea to make a banner flag notepad and was just so excited to get home and start working on it. I actually made little banners, photographed them, photoshop-ed them, designed them on the computer, printed them out, cut them down and padded them, all this evening. I want to make tons of them. I’d actually love to get some professionally printed and padded, but I don’t know if they would be successful enough to sell. This is a dilemma I often have. I have the constant passion to design and create, but lack the exposure and/or buying demand for the things I make.

I made four pads all together (two different images, and lined and unlined), just to test the water. I’m so excited to offer them in my Etsy shop, there’s one pad there now. I’ll post more tomorrow.

New Banner and some inspiration

2.26 banner color adjust, originally uploaded by robayre.

I’ve just finished this banner for my blog. What do you think? Is it horrible? Honest, but constructive criticism please. Do the colors turn you off? Is it too busy? Unbalanced? Whatever, I’d love to hear.
I’m thinking about changing it up quarterly, so it wouldn’t be permanent. But I don’t want to turn away viewers because my banner turns their stomach, lol.
You know what is funny is that whenever I do these kind of things, especially anything with watercolors, I feel that I end up loving the part that goes outside the borders the most. The part that should be cut away or covered up is the part that I just become enamored with. So in the above, there is a pencil border which is supposed to be the edge, but I couldn’t yet bear to crop out all those lovely edges.

Today I found a little inspiration via Craft Magazine’s blog for these paper mache beads.
I think they are so beautiful, but better yet, with this technique you could make so many different things.
It got me thinking about how my internet buddy Natasha makes beautiful paper beads.
It also reminded me of this book that I saw for sale at Dick Blick, but put back on the shelf because I didn’t “REALLY need it” and have been regretting it ever since.
I actually picked it up for a friend, thinking the book would be cool for them, but that paper jewelry wasn’t for me. I thought it has to be very temporary and fragile and a bit “crafty” for me. But looking through the book I was amazed at how much could be done. Paper jewelry can indeed be taken beyond ‘construction paper elementary school craft’ to Functional Art!

Thanks everyone for commenting on the previous posts, I feel loved :)