Vintage Yearbook Stationery Set

Vintage Yearbook Stationery Set

Vintage yearbooks are always a favorite hunt to score when I’m shopping thrift, used book stores, garage and estate sales, etc. I use them for my recycled stationery sets, and make envelopes from their pages, and sometimes use them in my own art as well.

I love looking at the students while making the envelopes, and after many envelopes were made from a particular yearbook and seeing hilarious and remarkable student after remarkable student, I had to stop and just look through the book. Turns out, the yearbook photographer for this school must have either hated their job, didn’t know what they were doing, or just plain didn’t care. So many of the students were blinking, there was no re-framing to account for how close a student was to the camera (or how big their hair was), and students often looked like they were in the middle of talking or only just getting ready to have their picture taken when they were snapped. Beyond that, the group of students from this school had so much personality, character and were a diverse group that made my heart SO HAPPY. I’d look at this student and think, that reminds me of this friend of mine when I was growing up, or that picture looks like someone I know now. One student made me think he was in training to be the next 007.

I stopped cutting down the yearbook pages for envelopes and started scanning the remaining pages. People need to see these students! I collected my favorite student pictures and assembled them all next to each other and designed a vintage yearbook themed stationery set.

The kinds of traditional quotes and sayings that students use to sign yearbooks seem perfect for the dual purpose of letter writing, like Keep In Touch.

This stationery is printed on a lovely Neenah cotton cockle paper, and each of the two letter writing sheet designs come with an allover printed, self sealing envelope. I hope you enjoy writing your pen pals on this set, and your pen pal gets a hoot from receiving a letter from you on this fun set. It can be found in my etsy shop here.


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