Color Palette – Concrete Pavement & Confetti

concrete pavement and confetti color palette

A few years ago I quickly drew out this color palette for my own personal color scheme in the old Paper by 53 app (RIP, for the way it used to be). I called this palette Concrete Pavement & Confetti. The title pretty much sums up my color aesthetic.

Color Inspiration Pinterest board robayre

Even looking at my “Color Inspiration” board on pinterest, you can see the same overall color scheme. Lots of neutrals, but with plenty of pops of candy colors. It feels exciting and unexpected and joyful, like just happening upon someone’s leftover piñata that had exploded all over the street.

After uploading the above images, I just happened to notice that two of the most recent other images I had uploaded…

Happy THURSDAY! #robayrenecklaces
Today is my best friend’s birthday. We’ve been friends and known each other since kindergarten. When we were adults we realized we both had a shared but separate memory of a little store on the south side of town. It would have probably been categorized a

also fell squarely into this same color palette and that made me


(disclaimer – the original palette from the Paper app has been downloaded and emailed and uploaded and downloaded and adjusted and then uploaded again so many times on so many different platforms that the color shifts each time, but whatever. Sometimes I wonder what it says about me for not caring, or even noticing such subtleties, because “REAL DESIGNERS” would supposedly be crawling out of their skin by such inconsistencies, but I will no longer be shamed)

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