Birthday Crowns

I don’t think I’ve ever shared my birthday crowns here. It started with this crown in 2012

Today I made an #upcycle paper crown  for a coworker's birthday.

I made it for a coworker’s office birthday, with materials from the building (big sheets of flat cardboard, paper scraps from the printing presses, adhesive, a sharpie and a stapler). I snapped this picture of myself wearing it, because I was so proud of how it came out.

Madame Alyn's Lid

The inspiration came from the artist Alyn Carlson, pictured above, and her beautiful paper hats. She actually has a book out now and I need to get it!

mailart 129/365

I’ve been inspired by her before, with this series of mailart postcards. You can see more here.

But back to the birthday crowns. I liked that first crown so much I knew I just had to make more.

Erica crown

I wish I would have been better about documenting them as I made them, but here are a few more that I made. This one was for my best friend.

Ann's birthday crown

Here is an expectant Ann (of A Beautiful Party), wearing her birthday crown. I think she was just a week or two away from her due date with her daughter Maybellene, and we were singing her Happy Birthday and I think she was just about to blow out her candles.

Last night's project, a custom requested crown. It's bee a while since I've made one.

This one was a commission, and I can’t remember what it said all the way around. Something like “Your Wonderful Highness”.

me in crown

Of course I had to make one for MeSelf!

2.11 capsule machine

It currently lives on top of my gumball machine.

Progress photos of the most recent birthday crown I made. I'm particularly proud of this one and it fit @shealwayslovedlarking perfectly!

And most recently, I made one for my friend Courtney (of She Always Loved Larking) for her belated birthday party. Here is a progress shot of the crown before I stapled it together.

Courtney birthday crown

And a picture that Ann took of her wearing her crown surrounded by all the beautiful parti-ness.

Emily Neuburger facebook birthday crown

Thank you Emily Neuburger, of Red Bird Crafts, for sharing my crowns on your facebook page too!

I love making crowns as they are super low pressure. I think the scrappiness and playfulness really make the crown.  It was also really fun to put together this post and see how they have developed over time.



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3 thoughts on “Birthday Crowns

  1. Hooray! So nice to see the crown evolution, Robyn. Your friends are lucky ducks. And, um, your gumball machine? Brilliant! I am about to show it to a friend who just mentioned the memory of getting her hand stuck inside a mechanical chicken machine. Her sister wanted one of the surprise eggs, and when her mom said “no” to a quarter, she decided to take matters into her own hands. I think she will like to see how you took matters into your own hands.

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