Confetti Washi Tape Wall

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So, on to it! I have a washi tape addiction. I don’t feel too bad about this because I know I’m not alone.
This is a problem. Inspired by @hey_lady_hey Going into setting up this picture I really thought I had about half as many rolls as I do. The problem lies in the compulsion to buy but fear in using it because I feel it is too precious. Yes precious is perf

Since I took this picture over a year ago, my collection may or may not have doubled, cough.

I’ve admitted to the problem of hoarding and yet, having a hard time actually using it. I use it so sparingly and a little goes a long way.

I’ve used it here
washi tape keyboard

and here

washi tape bunting

and here

Packaging orders

But most recently, I had the novel idea to put it on my walls. I’ve seen giant washi tape rolls used for decorating your walls before, but it had never occurred to me to use regular washi tape on the walls before now.

I'm wishing my dear friend, the creative and talented, generous and loving @rmurillo, a happy 28th #birthday. This #cupcake is Nutella, Cookie Butter and chili mango flavor just for yooooou!

On Rosa‘s birthday, I wanted to post a special picture for her on instagram. I had the cupcake, but I wanted the shot to have a fun background. I thought I wish I could get a confetti-like background but with the cupcake and candle in the foreground I couldn’t just sprinkle confetti on a piece of paper like I usually do. I actually cut out small pieces of square origami paper and was about to try and stick them up on the wall before I realized (like a brick to the head) why not use washi tape.

washi tape

I just cut little square-ish pieces and placed them randomly on the wall behind my drawing table in my studio. Now I have a pretty backdrop for when I want to take silly selfies.

Silly Selfies



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  1. Catching up on your blog. I love this! I spend ZERO time thinking about the pictures I post on IG (obviously, if you look at my feed). I think it’s incredible that you planned out that cupcake photo. And also incredible to have a fun backdrop wall now! You are brilliant.

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