My favorite Pins

My top 10 favorite Pins from the last month. Click on the picture to go to the pin.

To add to my “to-do wishlist” have a poppy garden, picture via TheLittleBigBlog


Sideshow Press used white pegboard at the NSS this year and it inspired me to try and use white pegboard (which the previous owners installed in our house) as a backdrop for photos. Picture via poppytalk.


This video of hamsters running in a wheel. Conjures memories of Harvey the Wonder Hamster. Give it a little bit of time to get into it.

33 Super Cool Popsicle to make this summer. The list starts out pretty boozy, but if that’s not your thing, keep going. Lots of great ideas.

Handmade merit badges, via etsy

Black and white concentric circle pattern plate on Etsy, by owlcreekceramics

Start a Foolish Project, a class that is being taught by Andrea Scher

Top 10 art documentaries you can stream on Netflix. Don’t miss the ones that mentioned in the comments, they are some of my absolute favorites as well. The image above is from The Woodmans.


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