Inspiration: Artist Michelle Armas

For the life of me I can not remember what led me to Atlanta artist Michelle Armas’ work. It was just the other day, but yeah, poof, it’s already gone. I think maybe on pinterest? Anyway, I first saw a piece of her artwork which led me to her bigcartel site, and there I found a little bio where she shared a link to her blog and WHOOSH, I fell down the inspirational rabbit hole.

Remember the other day when I said I needed to loosen up? Yeah, well, this is the kind of thing I’m talking about. I’m enamored with Michelle’s work. I want all my walls covered in her work. It’s all about the looseness and the colors for me. In my own artwork I have a certain confidence in regard to composition, but in regard to color I just don’t feel in control. I know when I see good color (combinations), but I feel like I can’t pull them out of my own head. I have this habit of finding great color here and there and then using that as inspiration for my own work. Example, I loved this design piece by andrea daquino and used it as color inspiration for the necklace on the right I made. My hang ups on color might stem from a lack of confidence and jealousy somehow. As I was saying when other people use certain colors I see this magic happen, but if I had created something using those same colors previously I wouldn’t give me the same feeling. Is that weird? It’s kind of like perfume. I could smell a scent on someone and LOVE it, but if I had that same perfume and wore it, it wouldn’t have the same magic.

Well, just looking through her blog I came upon this post. First, she shares a picture with a color chart underneath and says she is painting that color story. Then she posts about a room she is in love with and when I click the link it takes me to her pinterest and more specifically a board called “Color inspiration”. Weeeee, I’m not the only one who needs to outsource her color inspiration.

Michelle Armas blog
Michelle Armas Etsy

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    Artist crush, yes i know that feeling… ;-)

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