one of those days

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I’m having one of those days where I have tons of things I could do, plenty of projects I’m working on, and yet, I can not get myself to do anything. It’s not even 9 p.m. but I feel like going to sleep for the night. Inspiration? I’ve got plenty of it. Motivation and drive? That’s something I could use a huge dose of.

Last night I had the weirdest dream where Matt and I, and possibly another friend but I can’t remember who, decided we were going to go on this adventure type ride. I have no idea what it was but imagine a rollercoaster ride, crossed with bungee jumping, crossed with skydiving but in the middle of a rainforest or jungle. At any rate, it was really popular and we had to wait in line forever. Once we got to the front of the line we found that you have to be examined to make sure you are fit enough to go on the ride. No problem. But there’s one thing they have to do before you go on the ride, they break your leg! They put your leg in a vice and give you a really clean fracture. I guess it was because the ride is so strenuous that you are guaranteed to break a leg at one point, and if it happened on the ride it would be a really messy break. So, they pre-break it and it is neat and clean and will heal easily and quickly. In the dream I was perfectly fine with it, and not worried or pained to get my leg broken. Fast forward to after the ride and I was so happy to have gone. I told other friends and family and they all wanted to go on the ride. We were in the car driving to the place and all I could think of was that I wouldn’t mind getting my leg broken again to go on this thing, but wondering if my family knew that they would have to get their legs broken and not wanting to tell them for fear that they would turn around and go home.


Hi, I'm Robyn and I was Hatched from a Kinder Surprise Egg. Graphic Designer by day, Maker of things by night. I have worked as a graphic artist professionally since I was 16 years old. Went on to get my Bachelors of Art from NIU. I like to share my Artwork online at and on my own personal website I also have an online shop where you can find more of my "crafty" sorts of things, as well as a random piece of artwork here and there. Oh, and I'm also an occasional contributor to Artomat (

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  1. I LOVE how vivid your dream was! I have super vivid, long dreams with whole story lines and my family thinks I’m crazy. I wonder what your dream means. I have a few ideas.

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