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The Oscars are on tonight and it reminded me of a list I recently compiled for a friend. He had asked me for movie suggestions and I realized, though I complain that there’s nothing to watch, I had actually seen a lot of great movies on netflix recently. And when I say recently, some of these movies or shows were things I watched last year. Also, take in mind that I like pretty out there, quirky movies, so you may start watching some of these and question my taste. Also, leave a comment and let me know of any movies you’ve seen lately, that left you thinking about it later. Or if there are any movies on this list below that made you feel something, either way, love or hate, I’d love to hear it.

Never Let Me Go
Me Without You
The Tree
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (original verson) and subsequent sequels
The Help
Tree of Life
Tiny Furniture
Eagle Vs. Shark
Blue Valentine
One Week
Two Lovers
The Future

The Sounds of Insects
Edge of Dreaming
Winnebago Man
Our City Dreams
DIY or Die
Bill Cunningham New York
Candyman: The David Klein Story
1000 Journals
Shut Up Little Man!

TV Shows
The Buried Life
United States of Tara
Sons of Anarchy
American Horror Story
Raising Hope
Downton Abbey
The Killing

This list reminds me of when I was in high school and college I used to keep a list of every movie I watched. The funny thing about it was that I didn’t really need that list back then, I remembered them all anyway. Now, I really could use that master list. Maybe because of age, and maybe just because of the sheer number of movies I’ve seen, as well as how mundane some movies are, I’ll rent a movie that I’m really excited to see and realize “wait, I already saw this.” If it wasn’t memorable the first time, it’s not gonna get any better the second time around.

And just because of the movie talk, Matt just said “I can’t wait for the Drive-in to open up again.” I just checked the site and saw they open in March, yay!


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