today can be an adventure

I designed this piece with the intention of having it printed larger, 16″x20″ and offering it in my Etsy shop. When I went in to the printer to order it, I found out just how much it was going to set me back and so I decided to hold off and see what other people think of it first.

Plus, my printer, whom I trusted and valued previously, screwed up one single order 3 times. I was pretty sad because it was a simple exact re-order AND on top of that I wrote down all my specifications and they still couldn’t get it right.

Enough of that. What do we think? Would you pay $30 for a poster? Do you have any suggestions? I’ve been toying with the idea of actually hand cutting letters, so they are more irregular and imperfect. Does it bother you that the text is asymmetrical, would you prefer if it was all centered and even? Colors?

I need input. Thanks!


Hi, I'm Robyn and I was Hatched from a Kinder Surprise Egg. Graphic Designer by day, Maker of things by night. I have worked as a graphic artist professionally since I was 16 years old. Went on to get my Bachelors of Art from NIU. I like to share my Artwork online at and on my own personal website I also have an online shop where you can find more of my "crafty" sorts of things, as well as a random piece of artwork here and there. Oh, and I'm also an occasional contributor to Artomat (

3 thoughts on “today can be an adventure

  1. ! ! ! I like that the non-centeredness gives it a feeling of adventure. I feel like centered type would make it too staid. The colors are lovely and make me think of layers of soil, or a range of mountains on a map, or a million other things. It’s lovely!

  2. i really really love this! i would pay $30 for a poster if it was 16 x 20.

    hand cutting the letters would be awesome, but I hope you would charge more than $30! the work that goes into that is pretty intense. one time I tried to cut out a ton of letters and my hand got all crampy and felt like a claw.

    I’d be curious about your experience w a printer. I’ve often thought of having prints made of my art but feel strangely intimidated by the process (even though I deal with printers at work, it just seems different w art.)

  3. Agree with the “off-centered-ness”. I’d rather have it that way than centered. Like the design and colors and $30 is a totally reasonable price.

    p.s. Your air balloon flight looks like it was amazing!

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