Day Seven – Hoola Hooping

Okay, you may be looking at me with a tilted head and questioning glare, “Hoola Hooping?” For day seven I am thrilled to share that I have taught myself the very beginning of hoola hooping, which is to say that I can keep it up for longer than 5 seconds, lol. I’m so embarrassed to share this video of me, but here it is anyway. Please disregard all the camping stuff still scattered all over our living room floor.

Last year during this same month I shared a video of some pretty amazing hoola hooping as dance and I’ve wanted to learn how to hoola hoop ever since. Even as a kid I think I had a hoola hoop but couldn’t really keep it from falling immediately. Fast forward to the age of youtube and now I have step by step instructions right at my fingertips and within minutes I was able to actually do it! I actually screamed with delight when it didn’t immediately fall down. I just simply googled hoola hoop instructions and came to this series of videos here.

I have a long way to go to do any sort of acrobatic movements, heck I’m still trying to master turning in place while hooping. But I’m having fun and so excited to progress.

3 Responses to “Day Seven – Hoola Hooping”

  1. 1 Erin

    What a coincidence! I’ve been hula hooping quite a bit myself this summer, and I too, am attempting to master some tricks. I’m not very good yet at all but I do have an LED hula hoop instructables bookmarked to make myself for my birthday.

  2. 2 Emma

    Hooping looks really fun. One of these days, I want to try it, too…

    Good work!

  3. 3 Rachel

    It’s terrible quality but this is one of the acts I saw at one of the Cirque du Soleil shows I went to while in Vegas. Aerial hula hoops! She was amazing.
    Btw, just got your postcard!! OMG!! I’m in love. Such an awesome postcard! I was and AM SO excited about it! So much so, I don’t think I can even cut it up to make the robot. John immediately agreed it should not be cut up and should be preserved. haha…THANK YOU!!

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