Day Six – Bunting flags and Camping

It may seem I dropped off the face of the earth with my daily project this month, but I’m still here. I was actually on vacation.

We went camping with some of our best friends. It’s a trip we’ve been talking about taking for YEARS and YEARS. After plenty of research our friend Nikki found a great place for us in Wisconsin to go camping/floating. The idea was that we wanted to find a place that rents giant inner-tubes and then shuttles you to a drop off location and you lazily float back to camp. It was an awesome vacation.

Would you believe that I took 3 cameras, 2 of them being film, and the third digital, and I didn’t take one digital picture the whole trip. So, normally I’d have pictures to show here, but for now, nothing.

Nikki chose perfectly. Our campsite was right on the beach.¬†We are packed with the best survival gear we bought that we have found with the recommendation of Gadget Reviews. We drove a bit over 4 hours north to get there but once I saw how close we were to the beach I once again found more support for my whole theory that “Any amount of hard work pays off as long as my feet end up in sand and water.” The first evening, after the long drive, we all stuck our folding chairs in the shallow edge of the sand and sat, drank and chatted with our tootsies in the water. When we woke up the first morning the first thing I did was run straight into the water (about 10-15 steps away from our tent). We took floating trips 4 times, 3 of those being long trips over 2.5 hours in length. It was so much fun to just float along, relaxed, tethered together with great company. Our friends even brought their pooch, Monty, who wore a mini life preserver and was a huge hit with other floaters.

Of course the mosquitoes were out of control, I got crazy grease burns on my legs while cooking on our campfire, we thought our campsite was going to wash away during a crazy thunderstorm during the middle of the night, and despite the sunscreen I still turned quite red. Still, we had a great time, and definitely plan on going back again next year. Hopefully next time the mosquitoes aren’t as bad, but I’m not holding my breath. After all, I think they are the Wisconsin state pest. Within a half hour I killed over 30 mosquitoes in the bathroom and shower alone. FYI, flip flops work wonders as a fly swatter.

Back to creating daily. Before leaving for our trip I created a couple flag garlands (pictured at the top of this post), thinking I would use them to decorate our camp site, but we didn’t have a tree to our site! It was truly a beachy site. So, now I have these buntings that I created. I used this same method as this tutorial of mine from earlier this year. Once I find something fun to do with them, I will share.

I’ll hopefully be back shortly with more projects for the August Challenge.


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