Day 8 – zucchini bread

My garden has been in a sad state this summer. These pathetic zucchini are probably the only ones I will get from it. Who’s ever heard of only getting two small zucchini from a garden? My mom always jokes about having to make sure your doors are locked and windows closed during the summer because otherwise you will get to your car/home and find all your neighbors have kindly left you with more zucchini than a family could possibly use. Usually the average garden overflows with the plant, but this year my plants struggled.

From the garden to the plate, I had to make something special with these two. Matt loves zucchini bread so that is what I made. Even I had a slice, which I wouldn’t normally do because, well, hello, two and a quarter cups of SUGAR. For the last year I’ve been avoiding sweets as much as possible, but yeah, that slice was deeeeee-licious.

It looks like we will have more luck with the tomatoes, so hopefully we’ll be enjoying fresh salsa later this month.

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  1. 1 Chris

    The tomatoes you gave me seem to be doing pretty good, but for all the flowers on the zucchini, I haven’t gotten a single one. I think somethings been eating them before they can grow any bigger than a pinkie.

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