Day Eleven – I Want A Pony

Today for my Thing-a-Day post I made this mixed media wearable art pendant. It’s your birthday and here’s confetti and the horse you’ve always wanted.

Robyn fun fact: I’ve never wanted a pony or a horse. I love animals, and I had my share of My Little Ponys when I was little, but I’ve never understood the whole wanting a horse thing. In fact this silhouette is traced from a zebra. Now, zebras are animal I can understand. Having a pet zebra would be a fashionable accessory to me = I love black and white stripes.

If you’ve always yearned for a horse, well, now is your chance. I’ve listed this pendant in my Etsy shop.

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  1. 1 Elizabeth

    You’re lucky to not have had ‘pony fever’. When it flares up for me, it’s BAD. It’s like a crush on someone you can never have. Having moved from the tiny Bay Area where boarding/owning a horse is on par with paying another rent payment, here in Oregon horses are everywhere, along with land to keep them on! My husband still promises me “Someday….”. I already have a hip replacement (@ age 23!) from a horseback riding accident, so he’s not as insistent as he used to be. :)

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