Recycled Kusudama Paper Ornament

Recycled Kusadama Ornament, originally uploaded by robayre.

Tonight Matt and I sat down to make our annual Christmas ornament. And eeep, if last year’s ornament was too big to hang on a tree well, check out this year’s (the larger of the two). My original vision last year was to make a whole bunch of these and cover a tree with them and white Christmas lights.

I followed this 2 stage pattern. Make sure you have lots of time, it takes about 3 hours with two people working at it. AND we use translucent double faced tape. I can’t imagine how long it would take if you used glue like the instruction say. This year I followed the directions for size and the instructions call for 60 7 inch square pieces of paper. It wasn’t until afterward I reread my post from last year and saw that I stated I used 4 inch square papers. Basically this year’s ornament is equal to a good sized globe in diameter.

Once again I cut apart an old art magazine with a good weight, luster and variety of colors. Next year I hope I return to this post and read it before creating the third ornament. Robyn, cut the paper down to 3 inch squares please. Not that it will make the process any faster, but perhaps one year we might actually make an ornament that can fit on the tree.


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7 thoughts on “Recycled Kusudama Paper Ornament

  1. Wow .. those look great. I DID attempt this, but used glue and it was a mess. My son and I got through ONE flower and decided we were done.

  2. These are very cool. Did you notice the original instructions were in centimeters? 7 cm = 3 inches, so maybe they’ll be more manageable if you do that size.

    Nice blog. I came for the giveaway but stayed for the cool crafts!

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