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Happy Friday, Everyone! I have today off, and to ensure productivity I’ve got my trusty list of things to do today. First before tackling that I thought I would address a larger list I’ve got going on…My yearly list. It’s something I need to check into occasionally, to cross things off and remind myself certain things to start working towards. So here is the updated list.

31 Things to get done in the year 2009, my 31st year.

1. get my bike fixed Took my bike in April 24th, got it back Saturday, May 2nd.
2. ride my bike/walk to work for a whole month (rain days exempt) first day? Completed the month of May.
3. get back on sparkpeople started May 18th
4. geocache at least 10 times Did 3 geocaches on Easter and 1 the week before, 7 geocaches May 24th in Aurora.
5. found art balloon idea
6. create a tabletop ecosphere and keep a record/updates about life inside read here
7. start a daily art project (collage/mixed media?) and post daily to etsy for at least one month August
8. go to the Indiana dunes this summer (Completed August 14th, went w/matt, chris & dacia)
9. get down to dress size __ (purchased a jean skirt in this size that fit in August)
10. spend lots of time this spring/summer/fall at my “secret place
11. unplug my computer and no internet usage for a week
12. send in artomat package (Feb. 13th, 2009)
13. post daily for January NaBloPoMo (done January 31st)
14. post daily for February Thing-A-Day (finished February 28th)
15. visit at least two different photobooths and participate in photobooth friday (Went to Quimbys 8.2.09)
16. take the new car on a roadtrip (matt and i) (quad cities Feb. 13th, 2009)
17. ride in a hot air balloon
18. release my art themed geocache
19. get back on C25K and run 5K
20. eat at the signature room in the hancock center
21. go to luigi’s house and use gift certificate for dinner (done January 23rd, to celebrate matt’s new car)
22. alter calendar & post monthly
23. work on and send in mini moleskine book for group project opportunity passed me by in March
24. visit the quad cities and go to bierstube (Feb. 14th, 2009)
25. go to a wolves game
26. read the time traveler’s wife
27. carve pumpkins
28. decorate for christmas
29. send out letters and mail that should have gone out months ago (partly done feb. 11th)
30. plant tulip bulbs in the fall (ever year I say I’ll do this and never get it done)
31. redesign website

I was able to cross off several items, and even made some failed attempts at items.

#2. I rode my bike to work and back home, once everyday for the month of May. Granted I’ve only been working Monday through Thursday most weeks, but I did it. I enjoyed it so much that it has carried into June and hopefully will keep up with regularity until it snows :).

#3. I have gotten back onto sparkpeople to count calories, May 18th, and have been doing good. I don’t use it everyday, but I do keep track mentally daily. I’ve also lost 11 lbs. so far, working towards #9. getting down to particular dress size. Also, I started #19 (towards running a 5K) but only used the program for 3 weeks before quitting for the time being. I figure I’ll pick it up again in a little while when my weight is lower still, making it easier to run.

#4. Geocaching is crossed off, as we did a ton of them the weekend of Memorial Day.

#15 (visit photobooths) went to Charlestowne mall where they had the only local real (meaning not digital) photobooth I know of and was saddened to find that it was replaced by a digital photobooth. I was so sad. It is super lame because they already have another digital photobooth located elsewhere in this dying mall. I thought if anything it would be gone because the mall is vacant, nope, just updated for a current model. I wonder if it got to be too much for it’s owner to keep up, or they got a better offer from someone who wanted a more classic photobooth. It’s okay because fortunately I live close enough to Chicago where there are still plenty.

#27 (carve pumpkins) hehe, I’ve started this one in a very roundabout way. I planted pumpkin seeds to grow our own pumpkins this year. They are doing the best of all the plants I started from seeds. Grow Pumpkins, Grow!

And in a completely unrelated note to the list, I made pizza… and it looked like pizza, lol. I was very proud of myself. I’ve never made pizza from scratch. I used a couple different recipes as reference, but who knew that pizza dough (which I always was too intimidated to tackle) is actually quite simple to make? It’s been on my mini todo list of something to cook probably since going back onto sparkpeople. Another “who knew?” 1 cup of flour equals 455 calories! Eeek. Thought I would be saving myself tons of calories by cooking it myself, but even homecooked remains a high cal food. It turned out delicious all the same.


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4 thoughts on “To-Do To-Do To-Do

  1. oh man!! i am also sad to hear the charlestown mall photobooth was replaced. it is one of my summer goals to get a photobooth photo of our family, including the baby. the unfortunate thing is that most of the booths in the city are in bars. do you think schuba’s would let me bring a baby inside? ;)

  2. Wow, I’m super impressed with your to do list! Mine are kind of vague and floaty (and as a consequence I don’t get all that much done) :)

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