black and white stripes

black and white framed yoyo set, originally uploaded by robayre.

I just posted a new framed yoyo set in my etsy shop. The fabric came from my sister who spotted some black and white striped fabric for me. Did you know even width striped black and white fabric is difficult to find? Well, it is, trust me as a black and white striped fan. It is hard enough to find it in quilting fabrics, and even harder to find it in apparel knit fabric. Actually, for apparel knit, I’ve never found it. You look in the pattern books and see items of clothing that you can make in black and white stripes, but good luck finding the fabric. After searching for it in fabric stores for years I finally asked an employee about it and was informed that “they just don’t make it.” I’m sure we’ve all seen tons of clothing made from black and white striped fabric in the stores, so it has to be made somewhere.

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    Oooohhhh, beautiful yo-yos and beautiful photo!!

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