Polaroid Pogo

While erica and I were on our trip we took lots of pictures. She had this really awesome canon compact printer that is roughly? 6x8x4 inches in size and allows you print pictures, postcards and stickers from your digital camera. It turned out such great quality pictures in the matter of moments. Another great thing is that each paper pack comes with the amount of ink it requires to print all the pictures, so no need to buy paper packs and ink separately, or worrying about running out of ink before paper, etc. It’s something like this.

I was determined to buy one for myself and headed to Target, where she bought hers. They were sold out of compact printers, but what I did see was the Polaroid Pogo. Have you heard of this? I saw this and immediately thought “oh, no!” Imagine the canon compact printer, only 1/3 the size AND can print from your bluetooth camera phone. I’m assuming this means it runs on batteries and you can then print there and then, where ever you are at the time. This is something right up my alley. I assume this is their method of appeasing the disappointed crowd of customers who have been left without polaroid instant film. I would have scooped it up in a heartbeat, had I not started running down the list of times Polaroid has lured me in with a new product, only to discontinue it in a few short years. Well, that and the fact that I haven’t stepped into modern times with a bluetooth compatible phone.

I concluded that I would live happily without the Polaroid Pogo. That was, until I clicked on this link over at 52 Projects.

“They’re small, about 1.5×2″ (they say they’re 2×3 but they’re not.  Very contrasty, not very color correct, but in my book they’re not supposed to look good. They look like mini polaroids.  Kinda like the mini bites at Cinnabon.”

That was all it took to read, and now I want one…and a new phone.


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