Improv Everywhere MP3 Experiment Chicagostyle

Yesterday was the MP3 experiment in Chicago‘s Lincoln Park. It was a rainy day, but fortunately one of the props we needed to bring was an umbrella. We were pretty nervous going into it. “what if my ipod dies?” “what if I’m ahead or behind everyone else?” “what if they make us do embarrassing things?”

Actually two or three times my ipod got disconnected from the headphones. I actually missed instructions for one of the games because of it and when this guy was following me around, right in my face, I didn’t know exactly what to do about it. When he wouldn’t leave I wondered if I was supposed to give him some sort of password to release him, but I found out later he was just protecting me. “Thanks guy in red shirt with headphones!” lol.

My favorite parts were the umbrella canopy, human tetris and human twister. I was actually moved during the human twister. See, when you grow up in, or live near BIG cities, people have a much further comfortable personal space distance. You are used to people scowling at you and scowling back. When friendly appearing strangers approach you, you wonder what their agenda is. But during the human twister we all had to be so close, and not just close, but touching each other, on the head, on the shoulders, on the elbows, etc. We all did it with smiles on our faces and it just made me a bit emotional that soo many strangers were all huddled together, happy, and working together.

Improv Everywhere asked us not to take pictures during the project, just to be in the moment. They actually had plenty of people documenting it, from cameras at distance, cameras in the crowd and even a hellicopter overhead. The picture above is from the chicagoist and is from right before the EPIC BATTLE! It must have been taken from the opposing teams battleside because I see all red and yellow. I was on the blue and green team and I have to admit, we destroyed the red and yellow. It was probably due to the fact that my sister and I had punching balloons as weapons, not just your average sized wimpy party balloons like everyone else.

I had a great time, and had so much fun, rain or not. Next up…pirates vs. ninjas…more coming about that later.


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