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oooh, it’s been a while. Ya know, sometimes I’m just not feeling the whole blogging thing and I don’t ever want to make this thing forced. There will be occasional blogpost dry-spells, ce la vie.

I guess I’ve just been hangin’ out and occasionally working on stuff for this winter’s upcoming solo art show. I went to my friend Gail’s wedding last weekend. I got to see and spend a bit of quality time with some of gal pals that I haven’t seen in a while.

I’m just stopping in to share some inspirational linkies:

It’s fall, but hey wait, don’t burn that waste pile just yet: A use for all the fallen branches, twigs, and sticks in your yard.
I was reminded about artist Patrick Dougherty recently from a post on modish. I was fortunate enough that he was a visiting artist during my time at NIU. He came in, gave lectures, met with classes and worked with students to build an installation that lasted long after his time on campus.
His work gives me inspiration to maybe build something on a much smaller scale in my own yard (when I have one) someday.

My flickr friend Rachael is starting up her own zine called Underground Art School. I love her work and I love the ideas she has shared about this publication’s concept. I can’t wait to read it, go check out more about it here.

Storycorps was in my city, DeKalb, this week. They came to talk and record interviews with students in relation to the September 14th NIU shooting. If you don’t know Storycorp, please check it out.

A few years ago I had the most kick ass costume for halloween. But check out this one, it takes the costume one step further to make it that much more awesom-er.

This week I discovered the Dainty Squid through a picture of this tattoo on Craft. She is too cute, with her pink hair and dimples. oh, and I bought this necklace from her etsy shop.

I saw this youtube video this week and have become smitten with this band that makes me think of the Amelie soundtrack.

Guess where I’ll be Sunday, shhhhhh!

Wait, you didn’t click the links. Don’t you trust me? Hey, ya know what? Remember that time I told you all about this great project/blog/podcast/artist/fill-in-the-blank? No, of course you don’t because you didn’t pay attention and then last week full of enthusiasum you told me all about it, as if I hadn’t already told you about that same thing 3 years ago. So do yourself a favor and click on this links, save yourself the embarrassment in three years, and make yourself a cool-kid in the meantime. Click the links, friends, it’s the right thing to do.

Have a great weekend, mwa!


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  1. I was reminded of the art from fallen branches yesterday at Mom and Dad’s house. There are a TON of needles from that pine tree. I was trying to sweep them off the neighbor’s driveway back under the tree and there were so many them you could build a fort.

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