Science of Sleep


 Yesterday The Science of Sleep arrived through netflix. I have been so anxious to see it and so today I asked Matt to come over and watch it with me.  I was afraid after Pan’s Labyrinth, where I had worked it up too much in my mind beforehand, that it wouldn’t be as great as I hoped. But it was wonderful. I am going to buy it because I know it will be something I will want to watch again and again.

There was so much to love about it. I loved that it was about artists and I loved Stephanies apartment because it reminded me so much of my own. I loved when he said he loved her because she made things with her hands. I loved that he got a job doing paste up because that is where I started originally in design. I loved the surrealism and the sets and so many things built of cardboard and felt. I loved how it just showed the everyday magic of real life and how the dream parts were so very much like how my own dreams are.

I asked Matt “why aren’t you like that, asking me to make projects?” Halfway through the movie I was reminded of a typewriter that a coworker gave me. We put the movie on pause, and for a brief intermission, played with it. I’ll need to buy a new ribbon because it typed so light. Where can I find a ribbon for a Brother Cassette 815 Correct-O-Writer?

So yeah, um, the movie was just so good. I recommend it highly.

Also, tonight Matt is officially on break from work for 30 days, yay!

Apparently my dads company is downsizing and released everybody that was willing to accept a severance package. It worked out perfectly because he was planning on retiring in June anyway, and now he will be retiring a few months early with pay. I asked him what he would be doing during his retirement and he said sitting on the front porch playing guitar. Classic.

I listened to Metamorphosis today at work, and have bought several canvases and wood blocks to paint and I’m participating in this swap and have bought the perfect book and prepped it, pictures to come.


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  1. 1 B. Zedan

    I get my typewriter ribbon from FJA [].

    Looking under the Brother brand name, they carry the right size for the Brother “Correct-O-Riter 3800”, though I don’t know if that’s the overall series of what you have or not:

    I’d have made the links less ugly, but I don’t know if your comments support html.

    -b.zedan (via Flickr, curious about your typewriter)

  2. 2 Chris

    Funny. I just got that movie from Netflix too. I haven’t had time to watch it yet though.

    Good luck finding a typewriter ribbon. Do they even make them anymore? If not, ebay may be a place to look.

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