I’ve been watching The Science of Sleep again and again. I’ve watched some of the extras but have been saving the commentary until I buy my own copy. There is a lovely extra (I think) called Lauri about the artist who did most of the sewn items. I really liked the bit tied to The Outsiders because that was a favorite book from middle school. I even memorized the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay by Frost and can still recite it to this day. Then there is a couple of extras that are just downright hilarious and creepy at the same time with this crazy “kitty” lady. I guess it would be funny to watch those bits and count how many times she says “kitty”.


This Saturday Tom, Nikki, Matt and I went to go see the Shins. We had a good time, as usual, lots of laughs and the show was excellent. Oh yeah, before the show walking down the street of the theatre I saw Glenn Kotche on the street. I’ve met him several times before since, Dacia, my future sister-in-law’s dad is Wilco’s soundman. I said hello to him but I don’t think he recognized me and I felt like a fool, oh well, what’s new. Next month, Of Montreal again. Talk about embarrassing run ins…Kevin Barnes

I’ve been painting more artomat paintings and started some striped mittens. I had to work early hours yesterday and when I went out to my car it was snowing huge clumpy snow flakes. It was so beautiful. We’re supposed to get up to 9 inches today, weeee!

This looks like something right up my league, I will have to make an effort to watch it.
I like the quote where the woman says, and I will paraphrase to the best of my memory, “We are making things that no one needs but people buy for the aesthetic beauty.” Once again I will reiterate a thought I share often: Every art student in college should take a class in Aesthetics. They offered a class at my college but it was only required for Art Education students. Fortunately I fell into that catagory for a short while and had the fortune of taking it.

I don’t know if I’ve ever posted a link to Rosa’s blog. She is this really amazing artist who came up with a project called Found Art Tuesday. She releases a topic each week and then asks people to create a piece of artwork with the theme in mind and then leave it for others to find. She of course shares her work each week and has the most clever and beautiful pieces. I really, really, want to participate in Found Art Tuesday but I have several things holding me back. 1. That I should be working on other stuff like artomat and 2. It scares me to think of leaving my artwork out in my own community because I don’t like the idea of a local stranger or even someone I know of possibly finding it and searching me down. That is one of the reasons why artomat was so appealing, it takes me art far far away. It is also a reason why I was kind of freaking out when Clark stocked the local artomat with my pieces. Fortunately they were all sold out within a matter of minutes and I saw each person who bought one. Anyway, back to Rosa. She is great and so sweet, check out her blog, she has so much to share, important things, unlike my fluff.


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  1. 1 rosa murillo

    Thanks Robyn for your nice comments! I’m blushing!
    Listen, I know how to take care of reason 2 so that you can make some found art. Mail it to me!! I *promise* I will leave it somewhere and take lots and lots of pictures!! whaddaya say?

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