email and weather

You know what is really sad? I am such an internet addict AND so shy (bad combination). I lose contact with great friends that I am not able to email back and forth with. If there are people that don’t live in my city and I can’t see them regularly and they don’t use email very regularly than I lose contact with them. My fear of the phone is that much.

Honestly. It is the year 2007, I’ve had an email address since 1993. It amazes me when people don’t even have an email address or they don’t pick up their email more than once or twice a month. Plus I am just horrible at phone skills. I am terrified of silence and never know what words to fill it with. When I worked at the newspaper my coworkers all knew how awkward I was on the phone. The room would grow silent (jukebox coming to a halting screech) whenever I would pick up the phone, just so that they could hear when I make a fool of myself. Fortunately my short time working at the hotel gave me the skills to answer a phone correctly in a commercial manner.
“Thank you for calling ___________, my name is Robyn, how may I help you?” but after that introduction, all bets are off.
So, please stay in touch, email me.
I also enjoy postal mail as well :D like that’s a secret. Unfortunately, the people that never pick up their email never really use the internet either so this whole post is a waste.

Monday local schools were all cancelled due to the cold. It was -8 degrees with a windchill of about 30 below. Yesterday was GREAT! We had an unexpected snow with about 6 inches or more. It made me so happy.The last two or three weeks have officially been a REAL winter. I’ve finally recieved my Christmas wish over a month late. I shoveled some at work, and then after work I even went to my parents and shoveled there as well. Oh happy day. For all those winter haters: Doesn’t it just make you appreciate spring that much more?

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