vacation and shopping

I need a vacation after that vacation weekend. I was not prepared for going back to work today. You think 4 days off should be enough, but I was home only one of those days looking through to find a good deal on headphones. I even got them, thats long how I have been at home now.

Sadly, I no longer dream of using my vacation days towards explorations, but rather to spend a week at home, alone, doing what I want. Does anyone else relate? I mean, I still would love to have time to take that road trip across the country, but given the option between the two right now, I would definitely chose staying home, sleeping in, cleaning and organizing my living space, and hopefully working on artwork. If I could have a week off for a trip and then a week off home to unwind from the trip, that would be ideal. Hmmm, I think when I do schedule vacation days, 90% of the time it is for staying home and getting myself to some sort of organized state, and to catch up on all the things I’ve been putting off. I wonder if I were an organized individual with tidy living space, would I be drawn to staying home so much? Because, I feel guilty a lot of the time when I don’t get these things done, if things were taken care of I might feel the freedom to jump on a plane for a real vacation.
In other news, according to Tina, today is the biggest shopping day of the year, online. With that said, hmmmm, stop by my shop and take a gander at some gifties you could give to someone who means the world to you. I did add a few new items last week.


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