Here is another great link I got, inspired by a post here. Storycorps is a program I have heard about for years, a program that started in new york that allows people to come into their studio and record personal stories to preserve American oral history for future generations. I have heard some of the stories before but until this morning I didn’t know that you can go to THEIR website and listen for yourself to some of the recordings. Between listening to storycorps and This American Life episodes I alternate crying and laughing all day at work, enough to probably make my coworkers wonder about my stability.
I remember hearing about a board game when I was a kid that has a similar concept to this, where the players are asked to recall memories about certain things, and I think the game came equipped with a recording device so that you can keep tapes of the stories told. I love that idea. I wish I could have done it with my grandparents, but never did. Maybe that is something to look into for Thanksgiving family activities later this week, hmmmmm, we will see. I don’t know if I could really do that because I am such a sentimental person, I get teary about everything, it would just end up being a tape of me trying to talk awkwardly through the tears. I was inspired though and thought it would make for a great lesson plan for my moms language arts classes. At the end of the school year her students make “memory books” and I thought an audio element would be a great addition to their eighth grade memories.


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