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Spring Chalkboard 2017

Spring 2017 Chalkboard

Summer is probably halfway through and I haven’t erased the spring board yet, ooops.

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Spring 2016 Chalkboard

Spring 2016 chalkboard

The chalkboard for this spring is probably a bust. I had a wedding shower for my best friend and used my chalkboards as displays and then neglected to break down the party (held in a room in our basement) for weeks, so by the time I brought the chalkboard back up, most of spring had passed. Then I was just trying to remember what happened.

The biggest things were probably:

-Erica got married
-I’ve been working on #the100dayproject
-Going to Zumba

Time to erase the board and remember what has happened over the last few weeks of summer and catch up!

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Spring Chalkboard 2015

Spring 2015 chalkboard

Here is a list of what happened this spring. As long as the list is, I’m sure there are dozens of things that I forgot to add. Something is better than nothing, so even if it’s not a complete list, I do enjoy keeping it. Aaand, I know that guests enjoy reading it as well. It’s kind of like a coffee table book, something to browse when folks come over.

It’s been such a busy spring and summer so far. I FINALLY got around to taking down my knick knack wall, which I’ve been saying I need to do for probably over a year. As I’ve probably said in other mantel posts, I’ve found that I am invigorated by changing up the furniture often. Ideally I would rearrange furniture, swap around art and replace the mantel quarterly or at least every six months so things don’t get stale. That doesn’t really happen that frequently, but I’d love it if it did. Sadly, I will have to report back later with what happens over the new mantel as I haven’t put anything up yet. I’m thinking a mirror and garland, but have taken no steps toward that just yet.

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Chalkboard Calendars Winter and Spring

It’s exactly halfway through the year so no time like the present to post this.

7.2.14 Chalkboard winter 2014

Last summer I started using the chalkboard I made for our living room to keep track of all the memorable things that have happened. I’ve enjoyed it so much so I’ve kept it going for each season. I can’t be reliable to post regularly to my blog or scrapbook or journal or anything, but writing on a chalkboard is easy enough. I figure, I’ll try to write everything down on the board as it happens, take a picture each season and if I ever feel so inclined I can print those out and put them in scrapbooks. I think there are long slots on some project life pages.

I never got around to sharing Winter’s board when Spring rolled around, so this post is a two-fer.

The list says: Camelot Tree Farm, Cleaning, decorating and hosting Christmas, Fireplace & Fire Wood, Petit Fours and Mittens, Ice Globes, Bunny Sitting Rue, Tomato Sauce from the garden, No Work on Fridays, Too Cold days -17, Sledding, Confetti on New Years, Salon Haircut, Bomb Diggity mail, 36/36 Spoon Art, Gaelic Storm, Heater Broke, Wolves Game, Matt got an iphone, I got an ipad, Katie and Winter buttons, Ipod broke and replaced, Pie Boss

And just a quick commentary on a couple things: We hosted Christmas at our house. We used our fireplace for the first time since we moved in and let me tell ya, this winter called for it. When we were house hunting we weren’t looking for a fireplace but I am so glad to have it. I got my hair cut at a real salon for the first time in over a decade. I LOVED IT. I was SOOO Happy with my hair until I got the next cut. The next cut was meh. I just got it cut again with another kinda disheartening experience so now, even though I know that salon and stylist are capable of giving me an AMAZING hair cut, I’ve been getting schlock instead. And after literally a couple of years of Matt making due with this ancient, cracked screen, slider phone, he upgraded to an iphone. It pretty much updated our household into the current millennium. Now it feels like that was forever ago and that he’s had an iphone forever. Meanwhile, the home button on my ipod touch broke so I had to take it into the apple store. Fortunately I always get the apple care plan and they swapped it out with a new one. And then for Christmas I got an ipad which is great for using on the treadmill, which I still do regularly, getting in my 10,000 steps every day.

And now for more current happenings:

Monthly chalkboard spring 2014

The list: Maple Syrup collection and all day cook, Pie Boss, Walk to Oasis, Blumen Gardens, Animal Crossing, Walk to China House, Tchotchke Mantel, Steel Drum Band, Rex Manning Day, 2048, Iphone!!!, Easter breakfast/syrup waffles, Kane County Flea Market with Ann and Courtney, MS Walk in Chicago, geocaching, 5 weeks of Hell at work, Butterfly release, Bowling, Vino & Vangogh, Union, IL, Black 47, Deer on path, photobooth convention, Gorey Exhibit, Rockford City Market, Matt lost wallet for 2 months, 20,000 fitbit steps, treasure maps/hunt.

Quick commentary: wow! This spring, I tell ya! After the absolute coldest and dreariest and longest lasting winter, we were amped to get out, get some fresh air and be productive as soon as possible. Some pretty epic things happened this season. Attending the maple syrup fest and then making my very own maple syrup from sap collected in my own yard will be one of the most memorable things from the year, let alone that season. I attended the International Photobooth Convention, showed at the Rockford City Market, and FINALLY updated my phone to an iphone as well (only after talking about it for probably 2 years first). Most recently, my sister created a treasure map in my parents’ yard with a treasure at the end for my nephew to find. This is exactly my kind of project and I’m very excited about the possibilities. Overall this Spring I kept very busy and stayed happy and productive.

Chalkboard related – When I originally made this board I painted it with many layers (a whole can) of magnetic paint and then chalkboard paint. Because of all the layers it caused the top layer to be very rough and uneven. Before Spring I finally sanded the board down and gave it a fresh coat of chalkboard paint and now it writes so much smoother. Also, since I’ve been using the chalkboard strictly to keep track of events each season I was a bit sad that I lost drawing space for my niece and nephew, so I bought another board. We used it for the Rockford City Market, pictured here on A Beautiful Party’s post.

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edit to share this post I just read:

I love this! Natalie and her husband create a list on a chalkboard each season as well, only they are making a checklist of things they need to do! What a great idea. Read this post to see some of the items on their list for this summer.


The Need for Green

I think, because this winter was sooooo harsh, our spring has been very, um, meh. Don’t blink because all of the magnolia blossoms have already fallen in a heartbeat. My forsythia had all of THREE yellow blossoms on it. Yes, three, and I’m not exaggerating. All the same, we’ve been taking lots of walks and the air everywhere just smells so AMAZING! Just because the forsythia and magnolias were a bust doesn’t mean other things haven’t been in blossom! BUT! if that winter wasn’t hard enough and we have tried to move past it, it snowed here yesterday (in Northern Illinois) for 3 hours! Yes, it is mid May, daffodils and tulips have already done their thing and it snowed.

While we are talking about that horrible winter, I think I’ve been very horrible and lax about sharing things on the blog lately, and realized I never posted about these buttons.

For those of you living elsewhere in the United States (instagramming your spring flowers and running around in sandals) The Chicagoland area is STILL suffering from the third snowiest winter in recorded history. @katielicht had the brilliant idea for us

My friend Katie (Who’s birthday it just happens to be today, happy birthday lady!) came up with this great idea to make some ribbon buttons (like I’ve made in the past as souvenirs for my gingerbread house making party) but to congratulate and honor all of us who have had to weather through (badum bum) the worst winter in the last 30 years or so. She came over one day and we made cutie pie buttons, examples as shown above.

My need for spring and green did not end there!

My friend Rosa posted a display picture of a ring she made and it made me think of my leaf rings, but instead of just using a solid green piece of paper, I should try to watercolor some paper first.  So, this (above) became this (below)

I'm working on some new leaf rings and necklaces, perfect for spring. Now if I could just fast forward past the resin stage, right @rmurillo ? #robayre

Which, became…

5.16 leaf jewelry

These! This is just a portion of the pieces, but I am starting to slowly add the finished leaf rings and necklaces to my etsy shop.

necklace with clasp

They came out beautifully! I'm trying to slowly add these new pieces (rings and necklaces) to my shop robayre.etsy.com

Speaking of green, tomorrow (Sunday, May 18th) I will be at Blumen Gardens selling my items alongside friends Ann (of A Beautiful Party) , and Michaela (of Naturally Mod). Some of these rings and necklaces will be available there too!

Spring is here

Matt and I ate dinner on the patio last night. We were just remarking that we would be happy if the weather could stay exactly like this all year round, not too hot, not too cold, sun and just the perfect amount of clouds over a blue sky. Right then we heard little kids playing down the street, and one of them exclaimed “This Is The Best Day Ever!” We agree, kid, we agree!

Everyday we are seeing more and more flowers and plants that weren’t there just a day or two ago

A Pretty Collection: Spring


Top left to right: Woof Felt Cuff by LoftFullOfGoodies, Robin Bird Note Card by NancyJeanHomeGoods, Spring Greens Handspun Yarn by RainbowTwistShop, Green Leaf Ring by Robayre

Happy 1st of March! This snow loving girl is finally ready for Spring.  Yesterday we had that weather that is so typical of the chicagoland area. It was the most beautiful, sunny day, 55° F.  It was still nice out when I went to lunch but by the time I left work for the day it was SNOWING.

Spring Fever has inspired me to create this Pretty Collection. See more Pretty Collections here.


Today I checked my p.o. box and found this postcard from my friend Katie Licht. I didn’t need to turn it over to immediately recognize who the artist was, her work is so recognizable. I love the postcard and its arrival was such a welcome and joyful gift! I couldn’t stop smiling, and now I want to frame it.

what's to come
This is a page spread from a book she was working on recently. Click on the picture above to see more.

Katie is one of the few friends I’ve made through the internet. Her aesthetic is so appealing to my eye. I’ve long admired her work, and all those years ago, was so excited to find that she lived nearby. We had the pleasure of finally meeting in person, briefly, last fall when she came to support my friend Nikki at her benefit. So, not only is she a talented artist and designer, but she is a kind soul as well. Last week she was so kind to feature one of my postcards on her tumblr.

On Thursday Katie and her husband welcomed a daughter into their family. I’m so excited for her. A son and a daughter now. Perfect. Congratulations Katie and Michael!

I’d love to encourage you to check out her artwork on her flickr, her tumblr, and her etsy shop.

This is Spring

Soooo, I have Fridays off and this Friday I was really scooting around town getting all sorts of stuff done. A very productive day. At one point I had to run into work and on the way back home I passed a tree that I’ve been passing often this spring and thinking “I should stop and take a picture”. Since it was my day off, I had the leisure time to pull over, run across the street and take some pictures in some random person’s front yard. Hopefully they weren’t home, but if there were, they probably could tell I meant no harm. That or they thought I was a little “weird” so they didn’t want to mess with me.

The tree is one of those tulip trees that just explode with flowers in the spring. I don’t know if it’s because of where the house is located and the sun hits it just so, and/or because the color of the flowers against the color of the house (very much like the blue sky) but for this fleeting period while the tree is in full bloom each year THAT house is Ahh-Mazing!

I was underneath this gorgeous tree and just snapping away, taking as many pics as possible, as quickly as possible before someone comes out and shoos me away. It was one of those moments where I felt really alive and just completely and fully happy, not to absolutely surrounded by beauty (above, around and below as you will see in the video). When I got home to see if any of the pictures were usable, meaning I could post them to flickr, and I clicked next, next, next, I saw that there were all okay, but they were even better put together like a slideshow. Watching them all together gives a better representation of what it was like to be there.

I used Windows Movie Maker and it was a real pain this time. I just wanted to make a quick simple video, but the program made sure that was not going to happen. I edited each picture frame to be on screen for 1 second exactly and when I finalized the film, some frames are extended right over other frames, eliminating them entirely and other frames I can tell are way shorter than 1 second. Humph. But, after toying with it for a day and barely being able to finalize it all anyway, I decided no one would even notice or care. It’s probably one of those things “if you hadn’t brought it to my attention, I’d never would have noticed.” but it bugged me enough that I had to bring it up. I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Oh yeah, and I put a song in the background, that went along better with the frames until WMM did it’s own editing, but it’s still nice, so please turn on the volume.

Happy Spring!

new additions



Today I added 4 new leaf style rings to my Etsy shop.  I also have a few more rings in the paper spiral/coiled style that I’m going to add tomorrow. I’m excited. They are so pretty.

How was your weekend? I had one of those rare weekends which are packed full, and yet seem long, stretched out and productive, as opposed to rushed and stressed. A relaxed, stress free weekend. I got to visit with my brother and sister in law and their new addition, I attended a wedding, AND made it to my friend Tom’s birthday party. Oh, also, I’m very excited that I scored a bike on ebay, just like my old one that was destroyed last year, but the female version. I was even able to test ride it around our cul-de-sac a few times before the snow hit this weekend.

I’m so so so excited for spring. I even got to walk home from work on Thursday. It was so nice to just get sun and fresh air. I carried my camera with me and took a bunch of pictures. After hectic months like February, it feels like such a blessing to be leisurely and take the time to enjoy the simple things. Last week was a perfect sample of what’s to come, temps in the 50′s even reaching the 60s a day or two. Saturday we woke up to a snow covered ground. No one was happy about that, but it’s pretty typical for spring time in northern Illinois.