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A Pretty Collection: Woodland




From top down, left to right, Moss Orb Necklace by HeronAndLamb, Fly Agaric Linocut Print by minouetteAlphabet Poster by robayre, Moss Ampersand by Life Is So Beautiful, Mini Wood Journal by tanjasova. Pictures are all clickable links.

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A Pretty Collection: Cheerful Yellow


From top down, left to right: Vintage gnome by thriftpop, Belt buckle by cjyummies, Yellow pinwheel painting by robayre, Yellow yarn by Dream of Yarn, It’s Your Day Print by Treatzone

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A Pretty Collection: Black and White and Mustard

Black and white balloons


Clockwise from Top left: Our Dream Lives, Oriental Trading Company, likeitneedit, Robayre, laureneshaw,brittamanger

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A Pretty Collection: Celebrate


Top left clockwise: Fabric ribbon streamers by Casey Baudoin, Unititled by Mariehochaus on flickr, Small Stripe 1 2010 by Georgia Gray, Treasure Ring Box by yours truly

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A Pretty Collection: Spring


Top left to right: Woof Felt Cuff by LoftFullOfGoodies, Robin Bird Note Card by NancyJeanHomeGoods, Spring Greens Handspun Yarn by RainbowTwistShop, Green Leaf Ring by Robayre

Happy 1st of March! This snow loving girl is finally ready for Spring.  Yesterday we had that weather that is so typical of the chicagoland area. It was the most beautiful, sunny day, 55° F.  It was still nice out when I went to lunch but by the time I left work for the day it was SNOWING.

Spring Fever has inspired me to create this Pretty Collection. See more Pretty Collections here.

A Pretty Collection: Silver and Gold

Rilo kiley – silver lining by epb21
I was your silver lining, but now I’m gold.



Here is a pretty collection in silver and gold.
From top (left to right)  shineel’ilboaz, Autumn Moss Blooms, Gold and Silver Garland, Silver Ruffle Wristlet, Lucite Ring Trio, Gold Metallic Abstract Painting

This week I added the first new item to my etsy shop in a very, very loooooong time. The item is the silver and gold paper garland above. It’s based on a tutorial I posted last year, but I loved the garland enough that I wanted to make some to share.

A Pretty Collection: Chevron


Clockwise from top left,  Rug on Overstock, Vintage Chevron Necklace by seahagandwalrus, Chevron flat notecards by mrYen, Chevron button or magnet set by yours truly

A Pretty Collection: I’m Writing A Letter


This lovely post comes with a soundtrack: I’m Writing A Letter by the Smoking Popes :)

Write Me Pen Pal collage, To Get A Letter Write A Letter pin, Happy Red Address FileRepurposed Envelope and Stationery Set

A Pretty Collection: Grass and Clouds

frond ring green

Clockwise from top left: Whimsy, Bluegrass, Frond Ring, Blades of Grass No. 6.