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Instagram Is

Yesterday I saw reference to a short documentary about Instagram via Xanthe Berkeley. Xanthe said that after watching Instagram Is she was inspired to initiate a London Instagram meetup, where she lives. I knew I had to watch it right then and there. It was beautiful and inspiring and as someone who has met a new friend introduced to me through instagram, hey Ann, I can definitely get behind this movie. It’s only 25 minutes and free to watch, so check it out!

Instagram Is from technopaul productions on Vimeo.

I had to chuckle about half way through, that they were making it seem that even though Instagram was this creative photo sharing community, that everyone just shoots jumping shots.  I’ve never taken or been in a jump shot, instagram or otherwise. Oh wait, I take that back, I’ve definitely shot my share of hotel bed jumping shots :) A little bit further in to the movie I think they were using jump shots as a cohesive theme throughout. All the same, one of my favorite things about instagram is that I don’t notice the snobbery that is present on other photo sharing sites. No one is critiquing others for gratuitous or cliche shots. Maybe I’ll try out some full body jump shots soon.

I don’t want to end on a negative note, but I would be remiss not to mention Flickr here. Instagram is all about community and it was a breath of fresh air when I joined in 2010 after Flickr’s community feeling had been waning dramatically. When flickr released their improved app I was so hopeful and things really did seem to shift and turn around for the better for a while. But just last week they announced and released a HUGE site redesign and policy changes. I know a lot of people are really happy and thrilled with the changes, but it was the last straw for many of my contacts. Pictures are priority now, which makes sense, but did it really have to come at the cost of the community feeling? The new layout is NOT encouraging to feedback, discussions or comments at all for me. The layout, as far as I can tell, is not customizable at all, like it had been since 2005 when I originally joined. Basically I just want to use the app and visit the actual site as little as possible now. I can no longer scan through images quickly or see my favorites in quick thumbnail form. I know flickr and instagram are two separate beasts, but I feel like flickr is ignoring that a good portion of their customers were there for the feedback and not just to share professional photography. They are removing the community feeling entirely.


I’m in love

I have a confession. I’m in love. My love doesn’t have a heartbeat, or a pulse. In fact it’s cold, hard and has to be plugged in occasionally. My new love is an ipod touch 5g.

For Christmas my parents got me an ipod touch. Up until recently I had been carrying around an old, secondhand iphone 3 (not hooked up to service and just pretending to be a ipod touch). I fully believe I wouldn’t be so enamored of this new gadget if the one I had been using wasn’t so out of date. I couldn’t use a bunch of the apps I had downloaded, and more and more I couldn’t even download new apps I wanted because the OS was too out of date and couldn’t be updated any further.

all my ipods through history (ipod click wheel, ipod 5, iphone3, ipod touch5g, and ipod shuffle 2g)

For a while I’ve really been wanting to upgrade to a real iphone or android, but man, oh, man, I just can not fathom how people pay that much for a phone plan when most places already have wifi ready and available.  Especially after finding out that I use less than 200 minutes a month on average. Sure, I’d love a smart phone so that I could get maps and routes for where I need to drive (GPS), or I could geocache at a moment’s notice, or even get my instagram fix while Matt and I take mini roadtrips. But are those things worth $100 a month? No! Those things aren’t even worth $60 a month to me, so until I can find that plan, no smart phone for me.

flickr's new app

In the meantime I’ve downloaded tons of apps and I am smitten. Several new games, new photo manipulation apps, video apps, AND AND AND my favorite, the long awaited flickr update! A couple weeks ago when they announced their long anticipated release I immediately went to download it and was crushed to find out that it wouldn’t work on the iphone 3. It was killing me when other people started posting about how much they loved it. I was glad to hear the glowing reviews but so sad that I couldn’t use it myself. As soon as I got the new ipod I downloaded it and thought “eh, well, it’s flickr” but since then I’ve found I REALLY enjoy the layout and the way I can scroll back through people’s images and have found I’m spending way more time on flickr than I have for months. I think I’ve favorited more images in the last week than I have in months. Plus! Flickr gave me (and I’m pretty sure everyone else with an account) a 3 month free pro-account. I’ve had a pro account since probably 2005, but this bumps my next bill 3 months ahead. I know I’ve been way more active on flickr and I feel like the general activity is higher than it has been in a long time. I hope this means a return to the old flickr I used to know and love. Are you on fickr? The new app allows you to take pictures straight in the app, upload pictures from your album and/or edit them with filters similar to instagram.

The first picture I took on the new iphone was the new year image with the gnome

and since then it has been featured on both Design Sponge

Design Sponge

and on Make/Craft magazine’s blog

Craft Magazine

That’s a good start to the year, no?



My creation

Here are some highlights from the last few months on Instagram. You can see the rest here, on statigram.  Still going strong on 365 days of Instagram, but there was a slight hiccup at the beginning of June when the wifi on my phone died. Since the phone is not hooked up to actual phone service this hindered uploads to the instagram website.  For a while I was able to take the pictures and then upload them through my dad’s ipad, then fortunately Apple allowed me to exchange my ancient iphone for another equally (if not older) iphone.

Have I mentioned that I can’t wait until the new iphone5 comes out just because my coworker (who sold me my original one) will be upgrading me and has promised that I have first dibs on her iphone4. Hello Facetime, and video finally! I know, I know, I should just bite the bullet and move to a provider that has iphone, but data plans are so expensive, and nowadays you can find wifi just about everywhere.

Draw Something

3.19 draw something
I’ll admit it, up until 2 or 3 weeks ago my iphone was just an expensive instagram tool. But since then I’ve discovered the pictionary-like app, Draw Something and have become completely addicted. In that time period the app must have exploded in popularity too, because 1. it went from there being two other people on my facebook friends list that also played to dozens, and 2. I have the free app, and so I must endure occasional ads, but they went from ads for other app games to ads by big businesses like Clorox and USPS.
swing copy
The game is addicting because you have to earn points to buy things like colors (you just start out with the primary colors) and bombs that remove letters and help you guess what the other person is drawing.
My best friend and I were talking about it. When you are guessing a drawing you get to watch the progression as the other person draws, or if they have to scrap their drawing and start over. I like to take advantage of the fact that you can start over and you may want to show multiple screens worth of information, as long as the person is paying attention. When a person guesses correctly, the entire finished drawing shows up for a moment and Erica said it was like a fun little surprise to see a really thorough drawing then.


Draw something also periodically shows screens with “Best ofs”and I always think it would be so cool to get on one of those screens. Images aren’t automatically saved anywhere online or to your phone, at least not that I know of, and so once your drawing has been sent and played by the other player it is gone forever. I had been playing the game for quite a while before I thought to do screen caps on some of my drawings. To get a screen cap on your ipod touch or iphone, just press the power and home key at the same time. You have to be quick and time it perfectly because there is a delay. The images above, other than the best of page, are drawings I have done for hotsauce, boombox, frodo, slide and swing.

I encourage you to check it out. You can get the app for free and endure ads, or pay and be ad free. If you check it out, look me up, I’m robayre as usual.

Instagram Mosaic

I’m still posting to instagram every day. Here are my favorites from the last couple months.

Look me up on instagram, I’m robayre :)

Which reminds me of the above image I recently saw on facebook, explaining all the different social medias. Not sure who’s image it is originally, but this one was credited to Lenora Holloway Roseen


My instagram obsession continues on. For a while I was getting kind of annoyed with all the filtered photos posted online, wondering what happened to real (as in undoctored) photography. Sure, I’d contributed with my hipstamatic uploads, but it seemed like every.single.picture in my flickr contacts was uploaded straight from some app. I think the turning point was when I took this picture of the car. Everyone has cameras in their phones nowadays and this allows us to document our lives more regularly. Our memories get filtered through our emotions and these photo apps allow us to play up those emotions quickly and easily. And as much as I love taking pictures, editing them and sharing them on instagram, I equally love the social aspect. I really enjoy looking at every one else’s contributions and comments.

Earlier this month I realized I was about to hit 100 pictures on instagram so I took the above picture to celebrate. Since around the time of the car picture, mentioned above, I think I’ve posted at least one picture to instagram every day. I’m making no commitments, because, well, we all know how I am about that, but I hope to keep it up as long as I am inspired.


Have you seen where you can design photo albums online specific to instagram and get them printed? How cool is that? I might want to do that, but then again, I could easily print them myself and assemble a book of my own. We will see.

my life in pictures

I just realized I have a bunch of pictures on my itouch that are worth sharing here. Pictures are in no particular order of importance.
self portrait in stripes for Decor8

Here is a self portrait I took for Holly Becker of Decor8. She asked her readers to take self portraits of themselves in striped shirts and then she would post them to her “Stripe Mania” pinterest board.

a gifted ring from Rosa

You know you’ve made it in the world when people send you jewelry in your likeness, lol. Today I was beside myself thrilled to find this unexpected present, a ring in my mailbox from my friend Rosa. How awesome is Rosa? It has a painting of me over, wait for it, wait for it… black and white stripes. She knows me so well.

How I'd like to spend my days

The other day while I was getting ready for work, grumbling about what I’d rather be doing, I was inspired to write out this list on the refrigerator’s dry erase board. Also of note, the peek of the list to the right. It’s my long term wishlist and has things on it like gumball machine, compact printer and XM Radio. Then some clever person (looking in Matt’s general direction) started adding their own wishes to it, things like a jaguar, a mansion, a teleporter, time machine and trillion dollars. Those are good things to wish for too.

hand picked strawberries

Tonight my SIL and I started making fruit leather. Started… because it won’t be complete until tomorrow. I’ve been wanting to make fruit leather ever since they used to have those food dehydrator infomercials in the 90s. Dacia actually picked these strawberries from her grandma’s garden.

watching matt play hockey

Sunday night my friend Tom and I watched Matt play hockey…

matt watching softball

and then Monday night Matt and I watched Tom play softball.

macarons from Erica

My best friend Erica recently went on a vacation to Las Vegas. While she was researching things to do there she found that she could buy one of the world’s best macarons. She was so kind as to bring me back a bag that she babied all the way home, so as not to get crushed. Once I ate them I realized what a challenging feat this truly was.


I can’t believe that I haven’t posted about the garden. My sister, SIL and I started a garden at my parent’s house. We (well Dacia’s dad) tilled the grass and we cleaned it all out, and then we built the fence and planted our vegetable garden. This picture was from the first day the garden was complete. It looks much different now with all the plants growing.

cat in box

Our cat Bishop loves his boxes, and I couldn’t resist waking him up from inside this one to take the picture. He has a very sleepy look on his face.

I want, I want

And here’s my nephew Doc. He’s at this stage now where he uses sign language that his parents taught him, but then modifies them to  suit his own needs. It started out with the sign for “more” at the dinner table, and has evolved into shaking his hands at the wrist for anything he wants. Right here it looks like he just has his arms up, but since it’s not video you can’t tell he was shaking his hands. He wanted me to pick him up. Why? Because I was holding my ipod and he is tech obsessed :)

new acquisitions

On Monday, my SIL (Dacia) and I checked out a new-to-me furniture store, about a half an hour away. They sell new and used pieces and we both did very well. I picked up a vintage rocking chair and I absolutely love it. It was marked $70, but he gave it to me for $45. Hello, Sweet Deals! It’s really pretty, well built, but I was actually really attracted to it because it goes well with a stool I bought at an estate sale earlier this year.

Then today, I got an old G3 iPhone, when a coworker upgraded to a G4. I’m not interested in using it as a phone, but will use it as an iTouch instead. If I can access wireless, than the only difference is I won’t be making calls from it. Already I’ve been having fun downloading apps, like the one that allowed me to take the picture above: “hipstamatic“. Forever I’ve been drooling over all the beautiful pictures my flickr contacts have shared using this app and now I can play with it too!