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Instagram Is

Yesterday I saw reference to a short documentary about Instagram via Xanthe Berkeley. Xanthe said that after watching Instagram Is she was inspired to initiate a London Instagram meetup, where she lives. I knew I had to watch it right then and there. It was beautiful and inspiring and as someone who has met a new friend introduced to me through instagram, hey Ann, I can definitely get behind this movie. It’s only 25 minutes and free to watch, so check it out!

Instagram Is from technopaul productions on Vimeo.

I had to chuckle about half way through, that they were making it seem that even though Instagram was this creative photo sharing community, that everyone just shoots jumping shots.  I’ve never taken or been in a jump shot, instagram or otherwise. Oh wait, I take that back, I’ve definitely shot my share of hotel bed jumping shots :) A little bit further in to the movie I think they were using jump shots as a cohesive theme throughout. All the same, one of my favorite things about instagram is that I don’t notice the snobbery that is present on other photo sharing sites. No one is critiquing others for gratuitous or cliche shots. Maybe I’ll try out some full body jump shots soon.

I don’t want to end on a negative note, but I would be remiss not to mention Flickr here. Instagram is all about community and it was a breath of fresh air when I joined in 2010 after Flickr’s community feeling had been waning dramatically. When flickr released their improved app I was so hopeful and things really did seem to shift and turn around for the better for a while. But just last week they announced and released a HUGE site redesign and policy changes. I know a lot of people are really happy and thrilled with the changes, but it was the last straw for many of my contacts. Pictures are priority now, which makes sense, but did it really have to come at the cost of the community feeling? The new layout is NOT encouraging to feedback, discussions or comments at all for me. The layout, as far as I can tell, is not customizable at all, like it had been since 2005 when I originally joined. Basically I just want to use the app and visit the actual site as little as possible now. I can no longer scan through images quickly or see my favorites in quick thumbnail form. I know flickr and instagram are two separate beasts, but I feel like flickr is ignoring that a good portion of their customers were there for the feedback and not just to share professional photography. They are removing the community feeling entirely.


flickr favorites

flickr favorites
It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a mosaic of my flickr favorites.

new wallpaper favorites wallpaper

I love my flickr favorites so much I’ve been known to make my own desktop wallpapers with them.

Credit to the original artists and links to their original sources can be found in my flickr favs pages.

inspiration cycle

I was tickled to see this postcard by Julie of O-kami (below) pop up in my flickr contacts the other day.
She said she was inspired by me, and I can only imagine she meant specifically this postcard below
3.18 postcard 14
which I created after being inspired by the piece below by Irana Douer

cool, huh?

inspiration update

Time to pop in the share my recent flickr favorites.

I can’t remember if I’ve posted here about Pinterest before, but I’m really loving it. I think I signed up for it at first and didn’t really get into it, but then I installed the button for the toolbar and it really revolutionized the site for me. Any image on any site that captures my eye can be bookmarked and pinned to one of my pinboards. It’s like flickr favs, but not limited to flickr images. I have pinboards for fashion, art, jewelry, house decoration, etc. Check it out. If you follow me, I’ll follow you back :)

Beauty Overload

This blog isn’t called Inspiration Junkie for nothin’. I can’t get enough of the pretty things people make and capture.

Above is the most recent page from my “Favorites” collection from other users on Flickr.

I also like to collect pretty images on weheartit, here.

and tumblr, here.

Do you keep online collections of inspiring images?

flickr favorites reveal more

flickr fav.s, originally uploaded by robayre.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these mosaics from my flickr favorites. Flickr fav.s are definitely one of my favorite features in one of the Internets largest image sharing sites.

Ever struggle with recognizing what your own creative style is? I like to think a glimpse of that style might be revealed by looking at your flickr favorites. Flickr favorites are the images that catch your eye, photographs that steal your heart and pieces of artwork that you wish you had thought of first. By looking at your favorites you might start to recognize similarities across the collection, certain colors, textures, techniques or subject matters that are often repeated. I find it fascinating that by looking at other people’s images, you might start to learn more about yourself.

If you have flickr and haven’t utilized the “Favorites” option, I encourage you to click that little star over those pictures that catch your eye while browsing the site. If you don’t have flickr, try filling a notebook or journal with magazine images. You just might start to see a larger picture.

What I Wore Today

I really wanted to play too, so today I contributed to the What I Wore Today (drawings only) group pool on flickr.

It’s no marvelous work of art, and I’m no fashionista.  I’m actually the girl who was just in Macy’s recently, running around saying “wow, they have really nice clothes here” in a truly surprised fashion. My actual outfit was pulled together entirely from Old Navy (the skirt and the tank top) and Target (the cardigan and the purse). I really wouldn’t have bothered to draw the purse if I hadn’t just changed it out for another bag I’ve been carrying all summer. Once I slung it over my shoulder I was surprised to see that the exact same color of my cardigan was matched in the pattern of the bag. I’m not the type to try and attempt or even care about such things normally, but I was drawing a self portrait of myself today.

Check out the flickr group and if you contribute, send me a link!

Good Morning!

Good morning! I hope everyone had an easy, laid back weekend. This weekend I went to an art opening for a member of my art group, had sushi, spun a yarn, and began knitting after it was washed and dryed, and went to my favorite new hiding space where I made the following video:

I made this video to add to my “Natural Grafffiti” project series. I hope it can help ease the transition from weekend to work-week. It was inspired by my series, by the idea of watching something so closely that it can be therapeutic, and how the sound of the running water is soothing as well.And here are some of my flickr favs to inspire you.