Chalkboard Calendars for Autumn and Winter

I really just post these for myself, and I don’t think anyone that wanders over here really cares to read a looooooong list of the little things I did each season, but it does make me feel good to chronicle it. It’s kind of like journaling, and I don’t ever go back and reread what I wrote years ago. Though, I stopped journaling long ago because I only wrote when I was sad or mad and it was depressing to revisit, and these lists are not good or bad, just facts of things that happen, without any commentary on impressions and opinions. It’s nice when people come over, they seem to enjoy reading down the list. Also, when I can often get down on myself about not being busy or productive enough, it’s nice when I post these and can see visually that it’s just not the case.

Seasonal chalkboards

Seasonal chalkboards

This fall and winter were quite an adventure, where Matt quit his job at NIU after working there for about a decade, and decided to start working in trucking again… Car Hauling to be specific. It’s an exciting time and we are both very happy.

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