#robayrepatterns Part 2

I'm gonna try and attempt #patternjanuary #letsmakepatterns. I had such a fun time last year, you should play along too!

Part 1 can be seen here

Happy Friday the 13th! I'm playing catch up this morning. Here is my #patternjanuary for #tile, a return to this #littleartbook after it recently returned to me from a long journey away. My dream floor tile is bold, graphic, and black and off white. #robaDay 11’s theme was “Tile” I worked in watercolor and used my little 4×4 scrapbook pattern journal, with bold and graphic patterns that would work well as floor tiles, and since the pieces are small and set next to each other or “tiled” so it works that way as well. And yesterday's #patternjanuary for #brush. Elements were drawn in #paper53 and then assembled in photoshop and this a cropped version. #robayrepatterns #letsmakepatterns Day 12 Brush – I built this pattern in Paper by 53 and then did some more assembly in photoshop on the desktop. Ask me how excited I was when I read that 2017's #pantone color of the year was #greenery. Green is my favorite color and I love that @aisforanika used it for a daily topic.
Day 13 Greenery – Which also happens to be the name of Pantone’s color of 2017, and made me extremely happy to hear because most of the time when I hear what the color is I’m fairly disappointed. I painted some blades of grass and cut them out scrapily to layer, and then added a handpainted Pantone chip.

The topic for today's #patternjanuary is #ice and all day I kept rolling the word "ice" around in my head, trying to come up with ideas. Soon enough it translated to Nice, which then became Niiiiiiice 😂 so here is my finished piece. When I think of #N

Day 14 was Ice. All day when I was at work I kept thinking “Ice?” Which then quickly translated to Nice, and then soon enough “Niiice”. So I cut out the letters from gelliprinted papers, and placed it over a scribbley grid.

I've been planning on a swan themed stationery for a bit, so I was so happy to see today's #patternjanuary theme was swan/flamingo. I went to bed last night thinking of all the possibilities. I think I'll probably upload a few! Here is one made from the tI forgot to share this more finalized stage from yesterday. The original plan was to add another color layer to the background, but I'm digging this black and white so far. I need to scan it, just in case that next step screws it all up #robayrepatterns Day 15 Swan or Flamingo? I had been wanting to do a swan pattern for a long time, maybe even since last year’s Pattern January? I have done two so far, but still have more ideas I want to do. The first one is a pattern made from a tiny handcarved stamp I made, over a watercolor or gesso background, and the second one is gesso over a black watercolor background. I didn't want to share my next #pattern until I shared more of my swan patterns, but they still aren't done so here is #Bright for #patternjanuary. My idea was scribble-like rainbow suns, and I built most of it in #paper53, and assembled it as a repeating
Day 16 Bright – Going back through these patterns I remembering how many of these I actually really loved. It’s funny how time goes by and only one or two struck out as “really great” but that is not true. I love this one so much I want to reproduce it as a fabric and maybe on some other items.

Yesterday's #patternjanuary theme was #palm. I remembered a pattern of hands I drew last summer with the intention of making it into a variety of different patterns, so why not one more? I combined the two types of palms that I first thought of, palm leav

Day 17 Palm – On this day I used a preliminary pattern I made last year and turned all these hands into palm leaves.

Did you know that Ukulele rhymes with "at"? When I read that the theme for yesterday's #patternJanuary was "Rhymes with at" I immediately thought of Matt. I got him a ukulele for Christmas and he's been playing it daily, so ukulele was a natural subject m

Day 18 Rhymes with at – I chose Matt, and since I bought him a ukulele for Christmas and he plays it just about daily, I decided to paint a bunch of ukes. I placed them over another pattern I made last year and these ukuleles might end up being used for another project.
I've been hung up on this #patternjanuary for #home. Similar to the swan theme, I have SO MANY IDEAS that I want to come back to, and such high expectations, and it's not coming together perfectly and in the meantime I'm falling further and further behind

Day 19 House – This is another one of those themes that makes me want to do a bunch. I had the idea of a pattern of dollhouses. I did this sketch and inked it, and watercolored it, and drew it and others, and played with it at the computer and so on and so forth and nothing was clicking so I just ended up sharing this and promised to do more, but shhhhh, I still haven’t yet. I have it blown up so great in my head, but I’m not sure if that means it’s this style or that style and I need to sit down and really think it out before I finalize it.

#patternjanuary day 20 #BakedGoods - I have been wanting to make and decorate (and eat) sugar cookies since before Christmas. The kind with royal icing that hardens perfectly smooth. These are pretty tame, but the ones I want to make are gonna be a rainbo

Day 20  Baked Goods – Before Christmas I had this idea in my head that I wanted to make sugar cookies and then decorate them with piles of royal icing and sprinkles and confetti. It never happened and so this pattern was tribute to that. I thought for sure I might do it with my niece and nephew for Valentine’s day and it still didn’t’ happen and still hasn’t :(

Stay tuned for one more post to finish up Pattern January!


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