Speed Rounds 23, 24, & 25

Art for Your Ears

Every week I look forward to the weekend and a new episode of Art for Ears, the Jealous Curator’s podcast. Danielle Krysa has an amazing blog called The Jealous Curator (subtitled: Damn. I wish I thought of that), where she shares the artwork of artists that she is jealous of. How many other artists out there can relate? (Raising my hand) If you haven’t checked out the blog or her podcast, I highly recommend it. The idea behind the podcast is that Danielle interviews a different artist each week, so that the listeners get a little look into the lives of all kinds of artists. Each episode has a speed round section where she asks the artist quick questions that they should answer without thinking too long or too deeply about them. Each week I try to imagine how I would answer these same questions if I were being interviewed by Danielle, so I had the idea to start this series where I will share my own answers to each week’s speed round on this here blog.

I haven’t had much chance to blog the last couple weeks, and I didn’t want my blog to turn into the Speed Round blog, so I’m grouping the last 3 episodes together.

Episode #23 was with art director of Land of Nod, Michelle Kohanzo. You can find the episode of Art For Your Ears here.

1. Color of your first prom dress
I never went to prom, no regrets.

Though this question immediately made me think of the scene in Pretty In Pink when Iona tells the story about her friend that didn’t go to prom.
2. Favorite cocktail?

I really don’t drink often, so when I do order a cocktail I’m usually taking tips from other people. I guess my fall back if I don’t have suggestions from other people would be an amaretto stone sour, because yeah, that’s probably the most safe and supremely sweet, disguising-the-taste-of-alcohol-drink that ever a kid in an adult body could order.
3. Floral or Camo

This is tough, and I’ve actually had weeks to think about it. I like floral but depending on the styling and presentation it can very often be dated, where as camo stays pretty much the same and is just timeless. As the weeks went by I realized I actually own 3 pieces in my wardrobe that are camo. A pair of old navy capris, an army t from the army surplus store in chicago, and a sweatshirt hoodie. I can’t think of any florals in my wardrobe. Do I get my woman-badge revoked? If it comes down to art, definitely FLORAL. I can think of tons of florals patterns I have created, or oooohed and aaaaahed over, but never once painted camouflage.
4. What’s at the top of your bucket list?

Live in a different place for 2 years, namely Juneau, AK, Chicago, IL, or Seattle, WA.

Episode #24 was with artist Jessica Bell. You can find the episode of Art For Your Ears here.

1. Vancouver or Ottowa?
Vancouver, although I’ve never been to either.
2. Painting or Sculpture?
Mixed media, I love both. How’s that for dodging the question.
3. True or False, you made me the most beautiful wall hanging ever?
Well, this episode’s speed round questions were oddly specific to the artist. Obviously I’ve never made a wall hanging for Danielle Krysa, but I have definitely made my fair share of wall decorations.
wall over my work table
Here’s a current picture of the wall over my work table. I think I’m going to take it down for the new year and start fresh.

Episode #25 was with artist Ashley Mistriel. You can find the episode of Art For Your Ears here.

1. Favorite TV show
Currently, Orphan Black
2. Gouache or Acrylic
Of the two I’d have to say Acrylic right now. I actually use watercolor more than either of those, and am very interested in using gouache, but do not have enough experience. I bought some but just haven’t given it enough time to learn it and feel comfortable with it yet.
3. Name a character from a movie/TV/book that you were in love with as a teenager.
How about one from each. Lloyd Dobbler, Say Anything, Brian Krakow, My So Called Life, George Emmerson from A Room With A View

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