Say it with felt hearts

Last month I designed and released a valentine to my etsy shop, and I just realized I never posted about it here.

And then - Better late than never! I just added these Valentine's Day cards to my etsy shop. They double as a lasting decoration, with the easily removable garland.

The idea is that the felt hearts are a garland that detach from the card, and that the recipient can hang them up somewhere and think about the sender whenever they see them.

The felt hearts are all hand cut from old vintage felts I purchased at a flea market. The woman that sold them to me (THREE BOXES FULL, THREE DOLLARS A BOX!) told me that they had belonged to her grandmother who intended on making a felt rug. The various colors and patterns of felt are all cut in strips and I’ve used them for different projects here and there.

Each card comes with a red envelope and is sealed in a cellophane wrapper for protection. You might be able to tell from this pic, but I sewed each garland with a red thread on top and a white thread in the bobbin, so that between each heart you get that adorable candy stripe twist in the thread.

The inside has a little scrappy valentine message “Happy Valentine’s Day! Take this garland, hang it up somewhere, and everytime you see it know that I love you!” Just as I’m typing this out I had the idea that I should rephrase that somehow to be a cute poem. I might need to re-do the insides now.

Tiny felt hearts, more to come...

I cut all the tiny felt hearts with a pair of scissors and some elbow grease, so you know there is a lot of love in each and every card and garland.

Once again, better late than never! #valentinesdaycards

And then of course, after I designed them, I just had to send a bunch out to some friends and family that deserved some love! The cards were of course designed as Valentine’s Day cards, but I think they are perfect for any time you want to say I love you, or ahem, I luff you! The inside message can be easily removed or altered (they are just adhered with washi tape) and your own new message included. Find them in my etsy shop here!


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