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This idea has been in my head for probably a year and half, and I have FINALLY created a listing for custom 1 inch pinback buttons in my etsy shop.

The idea sprang from bringing my button machine to craft shows and allowing people to make their own. I LOVE LOVE LOVE children’s artwork and I thought it would be fun to offer custom buttons so that parents could create a wearable keepsake of their child’s artwork. My favorite has to be when little kids make their own buttons. Adults will often just make buttons straight from the decorative papers I provide, but the kids will draw or color their own designs. The listing is for any design you want to send me, not just children’s artwork, but the thought originally sprang from there.

The listing is for just 1 button, but if you are interested in making a quantity for gifts, souvenirs, favors, promotional handouts, etc., the price drops dramatically the more you order, so feel free to just shoot me a message.

Real quick, I just wanted to share about the images I used in the listing. The first picture is my niece and a button that she made. When I was her age I wanted a button maker so bad, but they are expensive. Fast forward when I was a real certified grown up and realized I could now buy myself a real, quality, button machine of my very own. That was a happy day.

custom made buttons at NaDa Farm

The second picture in the listing (the image above) was from a craft show where I brought my machine. 3 little girls made these friendship buttons, because they love talking on the phone to each other, but don’t get to see each other very often. Brilliant! They each have a button that can remind them of each other. I had never thought of friendship buttons, but these girls did. So many great product concepts initiate from customer ideas or inquiries.

edited to add the following pictures of other buttons I’ve made over the years

7.23 buttons
polaroid button
6.27 buttons
balloon buttons
5 buttons
1.15.13 buttons
A red button collection
3.15 button magnet
5.14 buttons
buttons straight on
I made some pinback buttons to place inside a new neighborhood cache
Confetti buttons, oh yeah!
I ♥ mail
airmail buttons
Glitter geometric button set
making quilted button badges


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