Fitbit One Year Anniversary

Hello, fitbit

It is my fitbit one year anniversary!

Some days getting that 10,000 step smiley face is absolute torture!

Some days it is my saving grace.

I will be honest I have had some days I didn’t get my 10,000 steps in. I’m thinking it was probably around 6 days, and over 365 days that’s not bad! At 3 MILLION 967 THOUSAND and 584 steps over a year that averages to 10,870 steps every day, so I more than made up for those few days that I didn’t make 10,000.

I do wish that it had more of a positive effect on my waistline, but it’s something I work on that through my food choices all the time.

In the time I got my fitbit they have EXPLODED in popularity. I went from having 3 contacts on the friend page to having 20, many have told me it was because of my fitbit talk that got them interested in getting their own.

My feet or back used to hurt walking just to our downtown, now walking all over town and back is no longer an issue.

Today is my #OneYearAnniversary of when I got my #fitbit. #10,000 steps every day, still going strong.   8.11 fitbit one year

Here are a couple articles that you might be interested in reading about pedometer/trackers

Time Magazine Kathleen Parker: Count Me Out

New Yorker article David Sedaris Stepping Out, Living the Fitbit Life

My #fitbit said #woot! 15,000+ steps today

10,000 steps is great and I’m so proud of myself, but occasionally I think I really should aim higher. Obviously I have plenty of “over” days as my average is near 11,000 steps, but I am afraid that I won’t stick to it and it will cause the whole thing to fall apart and I don’t want to mess with a good thing. I feel like since “They” says that the average person should get 10,000 steps that’s what I work towards. Maybe I need to do some research and see what is recommended for someone wanting to lose weight.


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One thought on “Fitbit One Year Anniversary

  1. I just ordered a fitbit! It should arrive tomorrow actually. When you got yours, it was indeed the first time I heard of it. My niece (who’s only 10) got one, and then my brother (her dad) liked it so much, he bought one for the rest of his family. I’m getting one of the little one’s, the “zip” to try it out. Does yours track your sleep as well? Do you find that helpful?

    I’m on the computer so much during the day that I think it’ll be good to bring awareness to my activity level. We’ll see how it goes. Congrats on making it for a whole year!

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