It's all about the HAPPY

It’s the end of July, not even August yet. The autumnal equinox is almost two months away, but I am already starting to get panicky about the end of summer. Last week while I was riding my bike to work in the morning I noticed the sun was that much lower to the horizon each day. Soon enough it will be dark in the am and I won’t be able to ride my bike. Immediately, I started to feel that sinking feeling, similar to the panic one might feel as an insomniac, when you see the clock ticking by later and later and still haven’t slept.


I think this is more of an indication of just how horrible that last winter was. Normally I’m that girl that everyone groans at in the office because I can’t wait for Fall and I love the snow. In the fall I usually love hanging the hammock which you can find here, and just lay on it with a good book enjoying the weather. I’m decidedly NOT a summer person. I hate looking glossy and sweating just sitting outside in the shade. Most summers I get cabin fever from being a shut in, avoiding the heat and oppressive sun. But, we’ve had another one of these MILD summers (enter all the hate from the summer/heat lovers here). It’s been the kind of summer where you can wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt equally comfortably. The best kind of summer.


I have so many things I still want to check off my summer list. Spend more time hanging out on the hammock, go to the Dunes, more little road trips, hiking, etc.


Hi, I'm Robyn and I was Hatched from a Kinder Surprise Egg. Graphic Designer by day, Maker of things by night. I have worked as a graphic artist professionally since I was 16 years old. Went on to get my Bachelors of Art from NIU. I like to share my Artwork online at and on my own personal website I also have an online shop where you can find more of my "crafty" sorts of things, as well as a random piece of artwork here and there. Oh, and I'm also an occasional contributor to Artomat (

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