Walken and A Fast Forward Button

We recently went to Bed Bath & Beyond. I don’t go often but when I do I think of Christopher Walken and “The Beyond”. I want to go to the back of the store and snoop for a special section. If you’ve never seen the movie Click, I say it is a worthwhile watch. I know it did poorly in the box office and I’ve heard people rant at how horrible it is, but I am a sucker for movies with an “Appreciate this one life you are given” message. DESPITE the plot and lesson of the storyline, one might be surprised at how often I WISH I had one of those life remote controls. Or clickers, as some may call it. Like everybody who’s ever have heard of the lotto curse, I truly believe I would be the one who would be able to beat the odds. I would only ever use the remote control to fast forward while at work. Done deal, sign me up.

I heard that this Wilco song was an homage to Christopher Walken, not sure if I heard that from someone in the know or not, but here you go, enjoy!
edit: I had to just comment on that picture in the video and how it looks all country-like, belt buckles, vests, and cowboy hat. Remember when Wilco was alt country? I miss those days so bad.
edit to the edit: I also really miss their experimental stage too. Dear Wilco, why so poppy?


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