Start a Foolish Project – I want to be a dreamer and a do-er

Last month I was enrolled in an online course by the inspiring Andrea Scher (SuperHero) called Start A Foolish Project.

I’ve been wanting to share the class here, hopefully inspiring others without ruining anything for people that might want to take the class later. There is a new session that will begin on September 23rd for those who are interested, just click the link above. The class description said it was inspired by all those fun projects we’ve all seen online where people organize a dance routine and perform it in public, or create a wish tree or organize a bubble flash mob. The class was organized with the intention of offering support and encouraging people to find and start a foolish project. If you have dreams for a big (or small) foolish project, this would be a great class for you!

I debated for a while on taking the class because my head is already FULL of foolish project ideas that I want to do. What I wanted was the community support and encouragement (and maybe even peer pressure) to get moving on my foolish projects. I have some projects that are years and years old and all they do is sit in my head or in my sketchbook as a “someday” project.

The class was super inspiring and I loved hearing about other people’s ideas and processes. After a bit of time has passed I’ve realized the most important thing I took away from the class was the joy I get just being around people who take action and how that motivates me as well. I love being surrounded by people who aren’t afraid to have crazy, far reaching dreams and goals and work towards them, resulting in success or failure. I realize that when I’m around people that are making it happen, I am driven to get moving on my own things as well. In my ideal world everyone around me would be dreamers who are doers, including myself. I would be led by example and inspired by seeing other people make their dreams come true and who want to encourage and support each other in that kind of environment.

I feel like the universe is trying to send me a message this summer and that is “Get up off the couch and start making your dreams real, girl!”

I know I battle my own fears, worries and inner critic, but I’ve realized that I am also SUPER susceptible to picking up on other people’s criticisms as well. Even when a person might not be criticizing, and just asking a question, I will jump to assumptions and let those things hold me back. I worry and stress too much, and hold onto negativity like 50,000 times worse than I should. Another lesson I took away from the class would be to act quickly and just “leap” before all those “what ifs” have time to creep in.

Sometimes all it takes is a spark. I feel like I’ve been in a rut for a while, complaining about my situations. Also, I’m not naturally a leader, and for a long time I’ve just wished that other people around me would take that lead. If everyone waited for someone else to do something, nothing would get done. Maybe all it takes is for one person, ME, to start doing some foolish projects to help inspire others to also live their lives with more intention, fun and adventure?

I am still working on my foolish project, but I will return shortly with progress on that, so stay tuned.


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2 thoughts on “Start a Foolish Project – I want to be a dreamer and a do-er

  1. Good luck with your project! I wish I had more people in my life who encouraged “the leap” instead of smirking or asking, “are you serious?”

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